Saturday, May 23, 2015

Voltage Controlled Communiques

Hello there rockers, there's no Synthetix Sunday this week due to Marko being ill, so I thought I'd post some bits and pieces from what's happening around scene.

Donate A Track For UK Mental Health Awareness Week

This project of James Mairs' has been gather momentum beautifully over the last week and he's back with an update!

Hey guys this is just an update from me (Nostalgic Fantasy). For those of you unaware, last week was mental health awareness week 2015 here in the UK. And the key focus about promoting the subject was mindfulness and consideration because you never know what it's affecting people on the inside.
And so last week I started an initiative to try and get as many producers involved as possible called "Donate a Track" It started from Friday the 15th and will run right up until the end of May/ early June. Through this time I am trying to raise awareness for Mental Health 2015 by trying to rally as many producers as I can to donate a track, and also spread awareness about the subject and the cause itself.
Since Friday what I have been looking to do is build an open playlist of donated tracks within the genre of synthwave or 80s's based synthmusic in support of mental health awareness and spreading happiness through the power of music.

Music to a lot of people including myself can be a very personal thing, it can be very comforting and it can mean escaping to somebody else's world if not for a short time. This playlist is open to anyone who wishes to add to it but its only for free downloads. And mainly must be within the 1980's synthmusic/synthwave genre however I've made one or two exceptions to accommodate a few people who put themselves forward and wanted to contribute. If you would like to donate a track use the tag "DonateATrack" within you're soundcloud upload and I will add it from there.

Or If anyone wishes to get in touch with me they can also PM me on soundcloud or drop me an email here.

I must say I am truly astounded by the responses I have been getting so far !! The number of people who have agreed to step in, and have been willing to help and get involved truly made me speechless and I am ever so thankful for their generosity and understanding.

I have been working close with Rick and Synthetix to try and get as many people/producers on board as possible since last Friday and I have had many responses from people approaching me with their stories about how mental health has affected them and their families. And just hearing that makes me appreciate just how personal it can get for some people. Mental health is very close to me and I feel it is an important message to get behind, music brings us all together and that's really what I am trying to promote through this.

If you would like to learn more about mental health and find support please check out these links below.

But, as I say right now I am just awaiting submissions but I am keen to keep pushing the idea further and spread the message. It's not too late to get involved and I am truly thankful for all the support people have given me so far and In the words of the two great ones be excellent to each other.

Power Drive 2000: The Game We've All Been Waiting For!

There's been a great deal of 80s inspired synth music used in videogame soundtracks over the last twelve months and the upcoming Power Drive 2000 promises to bring the aesthetics of the 80s in a high action racing game with a spectacular soundtrack to match! Megacom Games have 11 days to go on their Kickstarter to make this project a reality so please get behind it and get ready for some totally rockin racing.

Get all the details on the Kickstarter page here.

The Third Episode Of Soiree 80s Is Ready To Rock!

Doing a set Soiree 80s has been some of the best fun I've had in recent times and our third show airs this weekend! Myself, Marko & Jazzi, DJ Spaz and Micky Dodds all have a selection of our favourite 80s tunes to share with you and as a bonus we also have a two hour DJ set from DJ Dan Williams.

You can tune in on Mixlr on 23 May at 21:00 in UTC+01 here for all the live rockin action and you'll be able to catch the show afterwards on Mixcloud here at your own convenience.

International Boombox Day 2015 Stereo Sonic Electro Rockin Mixtape 

Don't forget I'm taking submissions for 2015's edition of the Synthetix.FM Stereo Sonic Electro Rockin Mixtape still too. This mixtape is all about high energy hard rockin breakdance and street anthems. If you'd like to submit a track for it please contact me via the contact box on this page or via Facebook, the cut off date is July 4th. I'll be posting a few reminders over the coming weeks to make sure everyone gets a chance to get a track included.

Check out last year's one for what's in store for 2015!!

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