Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Action Jackson Goes Back To Miami For The Kill

By Matthew Black

Action Jackon is most definitely an artist imbued with a textured, storytelling longevity and an ever transforming creative worth. These traits powerfully coincide to fuel and coax each other in a symbiotic manner transporting a wide and varied catalogue of retrospective ideas, scenes, moods and auditory imagery into our present day world. At this still energised enth of his musical career he has presented our sonic palette's with his cinematically charged, neon basked new release Miami Kill.

Miami Kill is a 10 track Summer inspired slipstream sailed through the saccharin glimmered waters of mid-80s Miami. Emblazoned with everything from 8 and 16-bit melodic jolts of electricity harkening to video game arcade soundtracks like Streets of Rage and early Nintendo tunes as well as Italo Disco, Canon Group scores and even in parts tipping the Ray Bans to minimalism king John Carpenter.

I've found this release has taken me on an exciting, eclectic and adrenalised emotion driven pendulum ride from laser ladened, high paced action tracks building to wild momentary crescendos like 'Dead List' to heady moments of scene stealing glory such as with 'US Flag' and 'Shooting Range'.

Balancing action cop movie tension with it's paradise etched backdrops Miami Kill also includes tracks such as the beach blessed, scenery sleek 'Palm Kill' replete with found sound subtleties offset by lusciously lulled cruises through mind's eye night drives with 'Beach Reload'. This whole release gathers together a cornucopia spectrum of moods and modes creating rich visuals harkening back to any and every movie that ever burnt electric across an eighties action cinema screen.

This is an all encompassing, sensory lavishing storyline set to bask even the stillest night with fluorescent charged imaginings and fever pitched car chase pace from aim to fire. Dark streets deserve bright lights down distant asphalt eternities and Action Jackson's Miami Kill guides you all the way back to the breeze cool coastline with nothing but vivid melodies driving on your radio dial.

Action Jackson's Miami Kill album is presented on his Bandcamp page here and comes very, very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM.

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  1. Great thoughts and words... oh man... US Flag blew my mind!