Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Searsly Spuhghetti

I'm very pleased to announce the first of many Searsly Spuhghetti posts by learned colleague and famed raconteur of 80s media magic: Eddie Spuhghetti. Think of this as Synthetix.FM's own little  'public service announcements' to enrich, educate and entertain your modern day existence. -RS

By Eddie Spuhghetti

So when Rick Shithouse approached me to write for Synthetix, I was flabbergasted; I forgot to grab an onion for the delish' chili I was preparing.  Besides that, the news from Rick put me in a better mood and I started brainstorming ideas for what I could write about.  As a horror-writer/journalist/scriptwriter, I've dabbled in a catalog's worth of different topics within the realms of television, video-games and film.  Music, however, is bit of a new frontier for me; I'm the type of person who cannot explain Pet Sounds other than saying "Just go friggen listen to it."

Be it a rad commercial jingle, a blast-processed 16-bit game score, or a "what-song-is-that" background tune in a film: it says a lot if I rewind it once or twice to listen just to the song again.  The sad part is some of these tunes may never be discovered in their entirety but now we have a chance at some folks bringing to light certain tunes they recognize.  I'll be focusing your attention at beats you may have missed or outright forgot about - a catalog full of hidden gems that really are searsly worth checking out.

The DP Ultra Gympac commercial came my way on a beta tape I won off Ebay.  The tape was from a series labeled as "Stuff" with each tape consisting of short cuts from 80's women's aerobics/dance shows, Benny Hill, and nude movie scenes; essentially, some pervy teenager's pleasure tape.  There was a quick cut of this commercial (which of course, quickly went to something else once the guy in it showed up) but I instantly picked up on the music: intense and driven.  The ad's traits are obvious - it's cheesy, narcissistic and capitalizing on a time when home-exercising was trendy.  Had I been alive when this aired, I prob woulda rolled my eyes and went "Searsly?".  But you cannot deny how good it sounds: now I gotta go listen to The PUMP EP by Muscle.

Searsly Spuhghetti - "DP Ultra Gympac Commercial" from EddieSpuhghetti on Vimeo.

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