Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Mythical, Time Traveling Vigilante

By James Mann

There are artists in the retro scene who without warning take the scene by storm. I mean, a full on assault and barrage of melodies, rhythms and above all, beauty. I had the luxury of coming across Time Traveler, the debut EP from the one and only Mythical Vigilante. This crime fighting time traveler who dons a samurai sword to swear and protect the innocent delivers pure bliss and awe in his latest release. Traversing through soundscapes of barren, destroyed land to magical places filled with wonder and amazement, this artist demonstrates an exceptional knowledge of synth work and crafted melodies in addition to syncopated rhythms that leave the listener astounded and wanting more. It can be difficult to transcend everything you stand for as an artist in just four tracks, but within a minute into just the first track, Mythical Vigilante casts you into his world, and you are now on a mission with this crime fighter sworn to protect those subjected to all wrongdoing and evil.

Light beams. A subterranean underworld. A scientist working late at night in montage fashion to build the cure to save the human race. Distinct images and feelings are evoked when I heard 'Receiving Psychic Messages,' the first track on the EP.  (However the true story behind this track lies in the history of the crime fighter himself) This gem opens up with an incredible combination of dark arpeggiated bass goodness and heavy kick, instantly transporting the listener to another world. Shortly after, delicate, beautiful melodies lay over the darkness and immediately create the blending that can be so difficult to attain; a balance of gorgeous, lush leads and a darkness driving the momentum. Mythical's skill and handiwork is truly astounding. It's apparent he has a innate and intuitive ear for progressions, build ups and making other worldly tracks.

'Time Traveler' is an epic journey and truly illustrates the complex journey of the Mythical Vigilante. His ability to tell a story through music is incredible, a tale of the warrior himself with feelings of magnificence and elegance. His now distinct dark edge starts the track off and quickly is filled with a pleasing Euro-esque melody that builds momentum into full force. Complex toms with impeccable production value coax the listener into a magical space. Inspiring synths build behind the lead and every space and sound is in full spectrum. It's evident the craft and passion behind this artist and track is real, and with Nemix on guitar, a monumental accompaniment to the track shreds across the landscape and climaxes into a crescendo like no other. This is perhaps my favorite track on the EP, as it explores the true depth and talent behind this artist.

'Many Rainbows' follows suit in 'Time Traveler,' and is a track originally performed by Argon Cowboy. Mythical Vigilante tears through the scenery with a poignant remix demonstrating his refined ability to craft another's song and make it his own. After hearing the original, I can hear the similarity in lead and mood, but MV adds a driving, robotic force behind it that makes this a truly an exceptional and original track. A somber, distant lead guides you with a refrain that will send chills up your spine. Again, those lush and complex melodies weave through the track and transport you to another dimension. I close my eyes and feel every intention of this artist, it's just too good.

'Crime Ridden Wasteland' opens with a feel of pure vintage 80's nostalgia, along the lines of soundtracks from 'Romancing the Stone' to 'Risky Business'. I hear the Tangerine Dream influence with beautiful glocks as the track gains momentum. The driving beat and bass take a turn to escort you straight into the wasteland that Mythical Vigilante strives so hard to cleanse. Dark and intense, the sections of this track are numerous. Mythical always keeps your interest with different breaks, beats, and leads. Not an easy feat, as he never comes across as trying too hard. It all seems effortless for this crime fighter.

I could never imagine an EP would evoke and elicit so many feelings about the state of the retro scene. There are so many artists who have their own unique approach, but without any hesitation I would say Mythical Vigilante is and will be a top contender in the scene. The skill level and execution are amazing and worthy of any synthficiando who enjoys music from the past, but blazing full speed into future sounds and arrangements.

As Mythical himself says, 'Inspiration comes mostly from films, new and old. I watch a lot of sci-fi, and horror, but two movies I've seen lately that were a huge influence in this EP were "The Guest", and "Maniac." I just wanted this EP to just sound huge." As far as future projects, he will continue with his current project and delve into others. 'I'm working on two projects at the moment. We don't have a name yet, but it's me on the synths and a vocalist named Nikko Hana who is also here in Seattle.' We look forward to your future journey and crime fighting abilities Mythical, and as any crime fighter would say, the work is never truly done.

Mythical Vigilante presents the Time Traveler EP on his Bandcamp page here and it comes very, very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM.


  1. This really is quality work! Great article, to go with the fantastic audio/visual experience, that I know, had so much hard work put behind it. I really enjoy the music. I think it would be nice to have a few more links here, to the Mythical Vigilante project, if they exist (facebook page, soundcloud ect..)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, ENDERS! James did a great job on this kick arse release. MV's soundcloud is linked off his Bandcamp, but I don't believe he has a 'Like' page on Facebook yet.