Monday, February 9, 2015

Voltage Controlled Communiques

The Next Peak

This week's seen the release of the second volume of The Next Peak tribute to Twin Peaks compilation and the rockin' ain't stoppin'! These compilations have allowed producers to really channel their love for the stellar TV series and bring to life their own visions from the other side of the portal in Ghostwood Forest.

So much talent has been involved in this project, and continues to do so, that it really displays how much Twin Peaks has touched us as a whole. And although the series aired in 1990, the events taking place in Twin Peaks were set in 1989, so tenuous as it may be, i always think of it as the final piece of event television from the 80s. The imagery of the series is indelibly linked to the classic Badalamenti synth powered soundtrack and with a third volume already in the pipeline, The Next Peak is sure to keep you meandering through the Black Lodge for the foreseeable future. Pick up a copy on Retro Promenade's Bandcamp here.

Mitch Murder Scores Impact Winter

80s inspired synth scene favourite Mitch Murder is being invited to spread his musical wings across the desolate new adventure game from Mojo Bones: Impact Winter. The game has just been Green Lit on Steam and is definitely going to offer some very atmospheric experiences.

You can check out all the game's detail on their Steam page for Impact Winter here and we can but hope a separate release of the soundtrack is being planned.

Radio Cosmos Records' Synthetic Memento

From Radio Cosmos Records comes a spectacular new space synth themed compilation titled Synthetic Memento. These rockers have assembled a hugely talented crew to take you into the void of space in synth powered rockets to explore its vastness and wonder.

The sounds are definitely catering to the late 70s vibe with passages illuminating the listener to all manner of spatial possibilities and awakening the space traveller in all of us. I've not had the pleasure of experiencing a compilation with this specific thematic before and it certainly makes for a very rewarding experience as one's imagination is taken deeper and deeper into the endless cosmos. Pick up a copy of this killer compilation on Radio Cosmos Records Bandcamp page here.

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