Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Voltage Controlled Communiques

Dan Terminus' Wrath of Code launches March 10!

Following the same dark path as Perturbator and GOST we now find Dan Terminus signing up with Blood Music for the release of his new kick arse new record, The Wrath of Code on March 10. As stated on his Facebook, if all goes well physical copies on CD and vinyl are a real possibility too. Synthetix.FM finds this very exciting news and bows down and sacrifices a chicken at the crossroads at midnight for the wonderful support Blood Music is giving to the darker and slash electro rockers of the 80s inspired synth scene. Get caught up on the hype on Blood Music's Facebook page here.

Carpenter Brut's Trilogy

Keeping things brutal, Carpenter Brut's released his phenomenal triple shot of EP's as a Trilogy now on his Bandcamp page here. Those wanting to keep their Carpenter Brut extra chill should check out the shirts he's offering there as well. And even more exciting Brut news is that coming in March Trilogy will be available on CD and vinyl through Neuropa Records and No Quarter Records.

Timecop Some Gear
The merchandise just keeps on rockin with Timecop1983 offering a range shirts on his Artist Gap page here. It's always a great idea to support producers and flaunt your love for their publicly via t-shirt wearing.

DJ Spaz's Outscape Becomes Part Of The RPG Family

If your unfamiliar with DJ Spaz's totally kick arse weekly synthwave spectacular, Outscape, allow the man himself to illuminate you:

Hey Guys and Gals!  Radio Pure Gently has become home to NYC's live synthwave broadcast program, Outscape!

Of all the DJs that have come from New York City,DJ Spaz has taken his skills and pushed them into the virtual world. Night clubs may have been one of the foundations for his humble beginnings, but now the cyber world is the place where he hosts and plays his sets for the 80's inspired Synthwave music lovers of the world at Outscape.

Outscape has moved to the Internet radio station, Radio Pure Gently and it is here that he presents the latest & new Synthwave music. If his time slot on Thursday is too hard for you to catch, he is now placing his shows on Soundcloud for you to hear and download!

Outscape is always open for synthwave music submissions from synthwave artists and synthwave record labels. He can be found on Facebook, Soundcloud, Mixcloud & Twitter:


Soiree 80s - Coming Soon

With March shaping up to be another massive month already, I'm also elated to announce a new show that brings together the minds that currently bring you the aforementioned Outscape, Synthetix Sundays and Synthetix.FM. Yes, DJ Spaz, Marko Maric and myself will be doing a monthly radio programme feature an hour of our favourite 80s tracks. I'll be focusing on Italo Classic, Extended 12" mixes and one hit wonders for my hour, DJ Spaz will be programming his tunes aimed at the dancefloor and as for Marko, well, who knows what he'll come up with! Soiree 80s will debut on Radio Pure Gently towards the end of March and Synthetix.FM will be sure keep you informed of this kick arse new project; one that I'm very proud to be part of indeed.

Future City Records Compilation Volume VII

I remember when Future City Records began, oh so many moons ago, and Mr Peter Andersen chatted to me about his dreams of creating a record label to focus on the best in 80s inspired synth music. Now, years later, we're up to the seventh volume in Future City Records compilation series and the rockin is turned up to maximum yet again! Across THIRTY TWO tracks you're treated to the likes of Maxthor, Beat Plastic, Botnit, Hevioso, Preqwal and Vince Riviera amongst other stars, shining bright with 80s brilliance against that neon edged skyline. A huge amount of diversity in sounds is presented on this compilation and you're sure to find some great new talent.

Future City Records Volume VII is presented on their Bandcamp page here and is a must-have compilation release from one of the true leading labels in the 80s inspired synth scene.

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