Monday, February 2, 2015

Voltage Controlled Communiques

Welcome to a new Monday post that will hopefully become a semi-regular or perhaps even weekly piece. Voltage Controlled Communiques is all about news from the 80s inspired synth scene to promote new projects such as compilations, live shows, Kickstarters, limited edition physical releases and anything else that crops up that demands a wider audience. Community based projects will always be a focus and this is an attempt to spread the word out to people whom don't use Facebook or other places Synthetix has a presence and give a louder voice to those projects that rock the 80s inspired synth world.

If you have something you'd like to promote in this space, please message me via the contact box on the left hand side of this page with your Voltage Controlled Communique!

Synthual Rendezvous Valentine's Day Mixtape

Of course opening up with some shameless self promotion is the most befitting way to begin the inaugural Voltage Controlled Communiques and the 2015 Synthual Rendezvous Valentine's Day Mixtape sounds like a good place to start.

I'm now taking submissions for the second annual Synthual Rendezvous Valentine's Day Mixtape which is a themed mix that focuses on the Synth Romance denomination of 80s inspired synth music. Last years was a lot of fun, but I really just went through my own music collection. This year I'm opening it up submissions. The tracks don't need to be exclusive or brand new, but ideally from the last 12 months. If you're wondering what this Synth Romance is all about please check out last years and if you'd like to submit a track please contact me via the contact box.

Submissions must be received by February 10, so you've only got a week to rock it all those smooth ans sensual ways!

Retro Promenade Presents: Carpenter

Carpenter is a compilation album to be released by Retro Promenade, organized by Jean-Pierre Van Damme and Mike 'Who Ha' Mendoza. This album will contain music inspired by John Carpenter's film and music career, which no doubt has inspired all of us at some point.
It is a 20 track album guided by the principles of aiming for the highest quality. That means that this is compilation is open to as many people who want to submit a track, but that only 20 tracks will be selected. To prevent internal politics, there are 5 third party selectors asked to select these 20 tracks from all the tracks submitted. Don't feel like you shouldn't submit a track out of a lack of confidence. Just try your very best to make the best dang John Carpenter inspired track you've ever made and submit it. Doing it this way ensures it is a completely level playing field for everyone and ensures that the final album contains the highest caliber of music we could possibly release.

The 5 selectors are:
Rick Shithouse, Synthetix FM
Steve Jenkins, Telefuture
Andy Last, Beyond Synth Podcast
Marko Maric, Synthetix Sundays
Jean-Pierre Van Damme, Drive Radio
Carpenter - Track Submission Date: Tuesday March 24th, 2015
Release Date: Tuesday March 31st, 2015

Please contact Retro Promenade via Bandcamp here or Facebook here for more information.
Good luck, everyone!!

New From Neros77

It gives me great pleasure to finish this week's inaugural Voltage Controlled Communiques with a brand spanking new video from Neros77 for Waveshaper's 'Stellar Jupiter' track. Neros77 always knows his stuff and this experience is sure to give you brain storm!

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