Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Neon-Bathed and Synth-Saturated Valentine's Day

By Michael CA L

With Valentine's Day around the corner, there's a specific category of song within the 80's-influenced spectrum that deserves all the tender loving care and devotion that our eardrums can give. The category falls under several names, but is most often described as Synth Romance or the Synthwave Slow Jam. The many 80's-influenced music genres that exist are diverse in their sonic qualities, broad in their effects on the listener, and are not required to adhere to any structure more rigid than the need to contain some foundational elements that pervade music from that golden era of the synthesizer. A Synth Romance track, however, invariably provides the listener with a song that is slower in pace, sensual and atmospheric in character, and romantic in tone and feel.

Here's a list of ten of my favourite hand picked, neon-bathed, synth-saturated and passion-infused Synthwave Slow Jams to come out over the last several years. They are by no means in any particular order, and I have to add that narrowing this list down to just ten items was one of the more excruciating endeavours of this retro synth-lover's writing career. But what remains here on this list are some of my absolute favourite experiences. Dim the neon lights, light some candles, gaze lovingly into the eyes of your special someone, and press play.

Mitch Murder
Glass Cities (2012) [EP]

"Last Call"

Mr. Maen
Slow Love (2014) [EP]

"Slow Love"

Le Cassette
Left to Our Own Devices (2014)

"This is All We Know"

Waves (2014) [EP]


Sellorekt/LA Dreams
Nostalgia (2012) [EP]

"Westbound on the Train"

The Dust Collective
Synthia (2014)


Touch (2014) [Single]


Electric Atlantic (2014)

"Kissing in Berlin"

Robert Parker
Modern Moves (2014) [EP]

"Sunset Stroll"

Mitch Murder
Interceptor (2014)

"Traces to Nowhere"

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