Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kasia's Secret Diary

By Kasia

Saturday, 3rd January, 2015

Mowelan - The Last Hour

We are living in a lonely world
Where all these broken promises lie
The world of broken dreams
A lonely road to nowhere
Seems to be the price of you and me
And the time that we once spent together
Price of the memories that live inside of me
I am searching for my own happiness
But everytime I am close 
And I think I've finally found it
They are somewhere around
Building an invisible wall 
Impossible to tear down...
Are you the one who can help me?
The one who is strong enough?
Maybe it is time to say goodbye to my own memories
The last hour to dry my eyes
And let you at least try
Good luck...

Wednesday, 13th June, 2012

STARFORCE & Perturbator - Retrofutures

I think I am finally ready for this conversation
I was so afraid to talk to you before
Because It is so hard to talk about something indescribable
Something that I don't understand but still love it
How can we be so close and so far away
How many times in my life I've heard
You don't know what you've got till it's gone...
But the truth is I exactly knew what I had
It's just I thought I'd never lose it
Right now when I am traveling through all these moments together
The only thing I am sure of
is that I am happy to have you around
I hope that things will never change
You will stay the same...
Like your music
I hope they will last forever
No matter what, where and when
Please... just be...
Somewhere there in this magic world full of sounds
In a place where we can always find each other
Thank you for being my FRIEND

Monday, 15th January, 2015

Phaserland (featuring Nikki Dodds) - Straight To You

Why couldn't I show what is inside my heart earlier...
Maybe because you make me feel totally weak
You seem to be the answer for all my questions
Can you tell me what is behind these notes?
A map thanks to which I will find my own destiny?
Just whisper my name and I will be there...
I will find you somewhere
Maybe you are even closer than I think
I can see this magic running through your soul
I wanna steal a piece of time and make it our own
I wanna run...
Straight to you...
No matter where you are...
You got it all

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