Saturday, December 20, 2014

Synthetix Sundays

Synthetix Sundays keeps on rockin through the holidays with another kick arse show!

Lined up this week are interviews with Valkyrie 1984, TCR, Hello Meteor and Fantastisizer!!

There won't be a Quality Time With Shithouse  this week, but I'll return for my final show of 2014 next weekend with a special Synthstravaganza session. Marko will still be joined by Paul 'Dress 2 Kill' Daly, for the usual hijinks and good time rock'n'roll.

The festive giveaways continue with download codes for the following albums up for grabs:

Blazestation - Uncompiled
Glitch Black - Interdimensional
 Lachi James - Paradise Lost
Fantastisizer - No Way Back
Tape Loader - Space Travel
Hello Meteor - Respect your Ghosts!!

And even more to be announced during the show!

Tune into Synthetix Sundays and you're sure to be a winner!

The rockin starts at 9am U.S EST for all of Synthetix Sundays' LIVE action on Radio Pure Gently. And you can catch up with us back here on Monday for a fully downloadable digital copy of the live show.

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