Friday, December 26, 2014

Andrew B. White's 2014 Synthwave Awards

Top 10 2014 Synthwave Awards

By Andrew B. White

Wayfarer Shades Award for best synthwave-orientated website that wasn't Synthetix FM - Neon Vice

Cut Off Muscle Shirt Award for the most releases that wasn't Sellorekt/LA Dreams - Jupiter 8

Beta Video Cassette Award for best synthwave TV channel - Luigi Donatello

Catwoman Award for most travelled radio DJ - Marko Maric

Palm Tree Award for best Dana Jean Phoenix song of 2014 - 'Dreams' (with Timecop 1983)

Crockett's White Ferrari Award for best 80s artwork posts - Quick Sex FM

Cocktail Umbrella Award for country most likely to dominate the synthwave scene - Australia

Take My Breath Away Award for best synthwave romance - Vincenzo Salvia and Powder Slut

Ferris Bueller Award for sticking it to pirate music sites - Retro Promenade Class Action Compilation

Fast Times At Ridgemont High Pool Scene Award for most anticipated album of 2014 that didn't drop - Kristine's debut

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