Saturday, November 1, 2014

Synthetix Sundays

The Halloween festivities continue to rock on with a special Halloween edition of Synthetix Sundays! Marko's still dressed up in costume, walking the streets hunting for more Halloween love and along the way has found time to interview Shio-Z, Beckett, Destoroyah and Riddlis for this week's killer show. It's all treats and no tricks as his synth candy bag overflows with exclusives from Omniplex and the prince of Halloween himself: Lazerhawk!

But that's only the beginning! Handing out even more sweet, sweet goodies Marko's got a bunch of giveaway download codes for VHS Glitch, The Scythe, Beatbox Machinery, Diamond Field and Beckett plus a Droid Sector Decay promo CD!

Creeping along with Marko in the full regalia of season is none other than Paul Dress2Kill Daley and Rick Shithouse can be seen lumbering out the shadows, adding some Quality Time to the frightfest.

Keep your Jack-O-Lanterns burning bright when the festival begins LIVE on Radio Pure Gently at this time wherever you are on planet Earth. And you can catch a the replay right here on Monday for a fully downloadable digital copy of the live show as well as the Quality Time With Shithouse free and purchasable tracks to make sure you're rockin the Halloween love all week long!

This is will be the final Synthetix Sundays episode for the next six weeks as Marko begins his much publicised, sold out, tour of the U.S. But stay tuned to Synthetix Sundays Facebook page here for updates from the the man himself along his path to glory. Quality Time With Shithouse will continue as a stand-alone segment in the mean time, but more details on that next week.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Quality Time With Shithouse free and featured tracks:

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