Thursday, November 6, 2014


Darknous - Mephistopheles
By Matthew Neophytou

Take a dark voyage to the other side of the wave. UK based Darknous dips the soul in shadow with the EP Mephistopheles.

The opener 'Dripping Blood' will send electronic goosebumps along your spine with power notes thrashed by a thundering beat continuing almost seamlessly into 'Hellraiser', enthralling one with both wonder and dread into the haunting melody. Ending the ceremony is the Silent Hill-esque 'Fallen Angel' its hovering organ will surely stir something deep from within you.

Darknous presents Mephistopheles is a worthy chapter in the book of dark synth, no dilution of sound and crafted timing, makes it an EP which, if it were a horror would be more House of The Devil than Ouija. Very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM available in various digital downloads on the bandcamp site here. And I am fully into the fantastic album art by the way, too.

She's Not Real - Not Real Sounds EP
By Andrew B. White

After several tracks being posted on Soundcloud, Washington DC's She's Not Real release their first EP Not Real Sounds on 30th Floor Records. She's Not Real are the rather mysterious duo of Rebecca Jakob and William Hasselberger and their music is just as equally mysterious. Half of the four songs on the EP are instrumentals and the other half feature Rebecca's vocals. Opening track 'If You Leave Me One Day Silently' uses Rebecca's vocal more like a sample which is a nice idea and 'I Never Knew You (Like You Knew Me)' is sung in a more traditional way.

The music has a prominent 'chilled' vibe to it where the bpms lurge slowly; iit feels somewhat like listening to vaporwave which hasn't been purposely slowed down or manipulated. In that regard this creates less of a 'warped' sound and more tuneful results. The songs don't seem to have a regular structure, which is to say these don't have conventional verse/chorus/verse/chorus arrangements. Instead the songs flow from start to finish and tasty little highlights are added as things progress. There are a few signature sounds going on with She's Not Real that give them a cohesive sound. These include the use of subtle electric guitar, DX7 style keys which are 'back' in the mix, simple but effective drums and pulsing analog baselines.

Atmospherically She's Not Real remind me of some of The Blue Nile's more intimate moments where you can imagine late nights, empty streets and raindrops, grey days and train journeys; maybe evoking some kind of rendezvous or contemplation of past events. This is certainly music you can find your own space in, where you are left to think and discover and add it as a soundtrack to your own story. Highly recommended for those that appreciate looking past four-on-the-floor. As a side note, the cover for "Not Real Sounds" is excellent as is the band name itself. Coolness all around.

Pick up your copy of She's Not Real's EP on 30th Floor Records here.

Compilerbau - The Void
By Matthew Neophytou

The Void is an EP put together from previous LPs released by Compilerbau, the albums being; Talking Machines and Tachyon, which showcases their very 80’s horror darksynth to a skillfully produced tee.

The film 'They Live' infests my mind when listening to 'The Void', a menacing beat and stringy synths harkens back to the mystery and danger of yesteryear. 'Escape' brings the tension down by a millimeter but sliced with cool.  'Roadblock' brings on the rhythm to round up the EP.

Compilerbau's The Void EP is very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM and is available for digital format at their bandcamp site here. This provides a fantastic little pick-n-mix of the darker end of Compilerbau's sound and there's also an additional bonus of extended tracks for 'The Void' and 'Escape,' for those who want their auditory of terror prolonged.  

Profondo Delle Tenebre - Black Gloves EP
By Rick Shithouse

I do believe my favourite subgenre of the darker synth sounds is Giallo Disco. The 70s disco energy fused with foreboding atmospheres conjures up so many wonderful images and visceral pleasures. A man after my own heart of this denomination is the highly (read: very highly) Dario Argento influenced producer Profondo Delle Tenebre with his debut EP Black Gloves.

The giallo motif is always kept right up front and the use of soundtrack elements highly reminiscent of the g(l)ory days of Italian slasher movies is totally rockin. The harpsichord-like synth sounds playfully illuminate the violent visage over swirling synthual menaces beneath. Otherworldly elements leave their shrouds behind and manifest their unquenchable thirst for death in shrill, disturbing tones.

This three piece act are more than happy to break into completely ambient passages that shy away from the blood spilled in the discotheque and even their covering of the likes of Goblin's main theme from Tenebre comes off wonderfully well. Definite stand out tracks for me are the sublimely omnipotent 'Four Flies On Grey Velvet' and 'The Cold Eyes Of Fear' but theres much to love amid the five pieces included on the EP. Pick up your copy of the Black Gloves EP on Profondo Delle Tenebre's Bandcamp page here and rock that Halloween spirit just a little longer.

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