Saturday, October 11, 2014

Synthetix Sundays

Team Synthetix Sundays is back on the pitch and shooting to the hoop! Allstar quarterback Marko Maric is ready to hit a six straight out of the ground with a line up of talent that'll be breaking his own personal best as well as any other records that get in the way.

Get ready for a homerun right from the line of scrimmage as Jean-Pierre Van Damme puts the opposition in check and aims for a treble top. Hardcourt legend and striker deluxe Robots With Rayguns dives right into the scrum and heads for the home plate as Marko goes through his playbook setting off strategies based on Robots With Rayguns awesome producing and remixing prowess. The second period finds an audible being called with pinch hitter superstar Patrick Baker getting off the bench and into the on field action for a knockout punch across the finish line!

Surprise plays abound with exclusive alley oop slapshots being caressed to the boundary from special teams master Riddlis and all rounder Cluster Buster from the End Of Days championship extravaganza happening next week.

Out in left field; ready to burst through the opposition's defence is Paul Dress2Kill Daly and wide receiver Rick Shithouse is ready to spring off the starting blocks with a long bomb from centre ice to keep that scoreboard ticking over.

A take home bonus is up for grabs for the home team supporters tuning in live as Marko is giving away two copies of the up and coming Aeon Nemesis compilation due out on the 12th of October from major team sponsor Werkstatt Recordings. You gotta tune in LIVE to all the on ground action to be in it to win it and take home these highly valued season highlight reel cassettes.

The kick off time for all of Synthetix Sundays' LIVE action on Radio Pure Gently is at this time wherever you are on planet Earth. And you can catch the game's highlights on Monday for a fully downloadable digital copy of the live show as well as the Quality Time With Shithouse free and purchasable tracks to make sure you're always #1 at the top of the ladder.

Quality Time With Shithouse free, purchasable and feature tracks:

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