Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

By Kasia

Wednesday, 14th May, 2014

Mosaik - No Way Out But The Sky (featuring Hunz)

There has to be a way out...
Maybe somewhere above me
Somewhere in this infinite magic blue space
Maybe sky is the answer
Maybe the way out is right there
Let's get away
I wish I could change my past...
And leave it all behind me
But I can't change even one single minute
And life goes on...
The only thing I can do is to accept it
We can live again and enjoy every single moment in our lives
Somewhere there...
Sky... that's the escape for us
Your music lets me fly sky high
You are the key to get there
There has to be a way out
There's gotta be a way out
There's gotta be a way out here

Thursday,  14th November, 2013

Chaconne - Interqualude 

How funny is it that most of people search for an answer
But they don't even know the question
They are wandering in the fog for all their lives
Wasting their time
One of the most precious things we have
Where are we going?
Have you ever wondered where do you belong?
Where is your place in this world?
If there is something waiting for you?
So many questions without answers
And just one short life...
You think you have time
But you are wrong
You have everything but time
Live your life, enjoy every single second of it
You will find all answers in the right moment
Life can surprise us
I remember when I met you
... so true and authentic
Everything becomes suddenly so clear
And I feel like I am in the right place
In the right time
With the best company I could ever imagine

Wednesday, 1st October, 2014

Jordan F - Space Romance

Me and you
Two existences trapped in the most beautiful place/trap in the world
Indescribable space full of emotions, dreams, desires and mere happiness
A place where all our dreams come true
Where everything seems to be possible
This magical state of mind
Which allows you to overcome all the adversities
Break all the walls around you
We are stronger like never before
And this beautiful light around us
Shining brighter with your every sound
The way you whisper in my ear
Let me see what is inside you
The way I feel about you...
Can it be real?
Or is it just my imagination?
How can something be so perfect?
If it is just a dream
Then I hope that I never wake up!

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