Thursday, October 2, 2014


Timecop 1983 - Waves EP

By Jerry Herrera

Timecop1983 begins his Waves EP with the sounds that evoke a setting sun, a fading day.  'Tonight' conjures up feelings of loss and reflection, set against the lengthening shadows of palm trees as the sun slips below the horizon and into the ocean.  The day has slipped away from us.  And yet, who knows what tonight brings?

This EP lacks the frenetic tempo OutRun and is far less aggressive than most synthwave.  This is measured, well thought out, mid tempo synthwave.  Timecop1983 has a mature sound, meaning there is experience, expertise, patience and above all else, style.  Waves is simply gorgeous, relaxing, easy to listen to.  I’ve got one hand on the steering wheel, sunglasses are still on, and I’ve got places to go but I’ll get there when I please.

'In Your Arms' gives us a taste of golden, saltwater tinged romance and the title track is like waking up to the sound of the tide just outside your window.  'Running Away' is a slightly darker end to the EP, with sensual guitars that make this the perfect track for dancing in the dark.

This is pure sunset bliss, perfect for cruising both in your car and in your mind.  Roll your windows down, feel the breeze, listen for the seagulls, and crank up your stereo.

Timecop1983 presents the Waves EP, available for purchase at his Bandcamp here and is very, very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM.

Video Void - Early Traxx EP

By Matthew Neophytou

I’m positive that a road trip in a convertible along the west coast of America, is needed when purchasing Video Void’s EP Early Traxx. Nothing will get you wanting to throw your hands up and palm wind ride than the first track; 'Crystal City'. The smooth synths throughout does the trick for me, topped off by the cool additions of sound/piano/string effects throughout.

Time to get contemplative with the second track 'Love In A Major'. The arrangement of this track breaks away stylistically from the opener and is dreamier, but no less enjoyable and it will still have your head bouncing with the high synths hitting you at the halfway pointThe final track continues the story begun in 'Crystal City' and the completes the idea to finish off the EP in a very satisfying way.

At just three tracks, Future City Records presents Video Void – Early Traxx offers a nifty retro adventure of the audio kind. Grab it at there the labels bandcamp page here and is very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM.

Diamond Field Featuring Nina Yasmineh - Neon Summer

By Rick Shithouse

Diamond Field blasts out of nowhere with a summer synth pop anthem that has been impeccably written and produced and given a sweet rockin voice courtesy of Nina Yasmineh. The wanton adoration for classic 80s pop sounds drives 'Neon Summer' in to warm and welcoming territory while fresh and vital energies layer in seamlessly. The 80s love is beautifully detailed through the super catchy melodies and lyrics recount those sentimental memories with an honesty in the vocals that Nina Yasmineh pulls exceedingly well, without ever sounding twee or hollow.

There's a real spirit to this song, it invigorates with the freshness and crispness of the production. The pure pop gloss is lacquered over everything to create something very special, well on par with the best 80s inspired synth pop music the scene has thus far produced.

Diamond Field cranks up the nostalgia even harder with a 12" Extended Mix as well as the traditional Instrumental Mix (surprised theres no Acapella Mix in there too, to be honest!) but not being content with his own variations, Diamond Field has brought in some of the best talent in the scene to provide their own remix visions of 'Neon Summer'. Sunglasses Kid, Who Ha, Phantom Ride And Vincenzo Salvia all recreate their own mixes of this track which gives hugely different alternate realities to the original's intention.

'Neon Summer' is a truly kick arse piece of music and this package gives you an exhaustive examination of the song's possibilities. It's going to be an anthem for much longer than summer. Available on Future City Records here; you need this music in your life.

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