Saturday, September 20, 2014

Synthetix Sundays

On a brisk, cool night the moon lights a sliver of open ground amid the swaying bamboo forest and the flashing blade of Marko Maric bursts from the shadows! The Synth Ninja himself explodes with fury in this week's episode of Synthetix Sundays! With arcane ninjitsu magicks in full force as he takes on the might of Neon Vice, the clandestine mirage that is Waveshaper and the beguiling but deadly charms of Femmepop.

The final battle for control of the ninja empire results in a shodown with the ninja master The Dust Collective and the robotic ninja assassin Droid Bishop; finally divulging the book of martial art secrets contained in the Beyond Blue album due out this Tuesday. Expect Marco to extract some choice cuts and slashes from this tome as Droid Bishop relinquishes his tight grasp over the coveted prize!

Joining Marco along this violent path of destiny is Paul 'Dress2Kill' Daly doing his best Sho Kosugi impression and Rick Shithouse in Quality Time With Shithouse, channelling the spirit of Richard Harrison for even more shuriken firing, katana shredding, kama wielding good times!

Synthetix Sundays is LIVE on Radio Pure Gently at this time wherever you are on planet Earth. And you can come back to the shadows on Monday for a fully downloadable digital copy of the live show as well as the Quality Time With Shithouse free and purchasable tracks.

Quality Time With Shithouse Free and Purchasable Tracks:

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