Friday, September 19, 2014

Flashback Friday

Killer Workout aka Aerobicide (1987)

Happy Friday Retronauts!  This week I've chosen a forgotten 80's slasher packed full of sizzling co-eds in leotards with leg-warmers bouncing and gyrating to exquisitely cheesy pop tracks that'll make you sweat!

1987's Killer Workout  also known as Aerobicide, written and directed by David A. Prior stars Marcia Karr as Rhonda Johnson, the owner of a small town health club that caters to young beautiful people.  When members of the gym start turning up dead, dim-witted police detective Lt. Morgan begins looking for clues that seem to point toward a member named Jimmy after he's caught stalking Rhonda by Chuck Dawson, a private investigator.  Chuck confronts Jimmy which results in Jimmy knocking Chuck out and escaping only to return later to hit Chuck with his car.  Lt. Morgan gets word of Rhonda's secret past as Valerie Johnson, a model who scarred 70% of her body in a terrible tanning bed accident and believes her jealousy may be a motive, but after Jimmy kills Chuck he's not sure who the real health gym murderer is!

The soundtrack is full of energy and the backing tracks are enjoyably suspenseful.  A great synthwave album to accommodate this film would be Arc Neon's Technicolor Workout which is perfectly attuned for a hot, steamy workout.

So if you've been looking to hit the gym and burn some of those extra calories but can't must the energy, or just need an excuse to watch gorgeous 80's ladies in leotards do aerobics then give this flick a watch!  Till next Friday Synthaholics, have fun and be safe!

-Magnum Crockett

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