Friday, September 12, 2014

Flashback Friday

Hard Ticket to Hawaii (1987)

Happy Friday once again my fellow Retroholics.  This week I've chosen an awesomely cheesy, over-the-top action adventure gem packed full of absurd action sequences, hilariously bad acting, titillating blonde bombshells, and laughable props all backed by a very enjoyable score.

1987's Hard Ticket to Hawaii, directed by Andy Sidaris stars the sexy Dona Speir and Hope-Marie Carlton as Donna and Taryn, two buxom blonde undercover agents for The Agency on a mission delivering a snake to a nearby island who stumble upon two containers of stolen diamonds sent by kingpin Mr. Chang intended for local drug dealer Seth Romano.  The snake delivered to the island gets loose during a scuffle when Donna and Taryn are ambushed by Romano's thugs looking to get the diamonds back but the ladies are let go because one container is missing and the thugs warn them to find the second container.

Donna and Taryn contact other Agency operatives, the suave Rowdy Abilene and his pony-tailed partner Jade who plan on aiding the ladies.  Meanwhile, the loose snake attacks and kills two beach-goers. Later, Romano kidnaps Jade's girlfriend Edy and intends to kill her if Donna and Taryn don't return the second case of diamonds.  It turns into an all out war on the island, but can the four Secret Agents overcome Romano's thugs, get Edy back safe and take down Mr. Chang?

The to this film score is great, featuring upbeat and suspenseful synths with a great 80's island vibe.  A good accommodating synthwave album would be Plaisance's Thunder in Paradise, which certainly oozes sultry tropical sounds.

So, if you're looking for an over-the-top action-packed, sex-drenched 80's B-movie gem then this is definitely going to raise your temperature and get your pulse racing!  Till next week my awesome rockin' colleagues, have fun and be safe!

Magnum Crockett

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