Friday, September 5, 2014

Flashback Friday

America 3000 (1986)

Happy Friday Synthetix fans!  It's time for another trip to our favorite decade, and this week I'm bringing you the ultimate battle of the sexes.  Filled with exquisitely bad, yet humorous acting and an entertaining backing score, this post-apocalyptic cult classic is just the cheese we're lookin' for.

1986's America 3000, directed by David Engelbach is set in a 900 year future Colorado where mankind has been reduced to primitive tribes, terrorized and enslaved by female warriors they call Frauls led by their leader the Tiara, Rhea.  Men are referred to as Plugarts by the females who force them into manual labor as Macho's or become Seeder's for mating.  Gruss and Korvis are two Plugarts who escape the Frauls during a riot and later discover a book which they use to educate themselves and form their own tribe and create Camp Reagan.  When Rhea is killed in a battle between a primitive Plugart tribe, her daughter Vena is selected as Tiara leaving her sister Lakella full of jealousy, while the Frauls vow to kill all Plugarts.

Gruss and Korvis liberate some enslaved men and rally them to overthrow the Frauls, but Korvis is shot with an arrow by Lakella and tumbles through an opening between rocks.  He survives the arrow thanks to the book but discovers a secret bunker filled with pinball and arcade cabinets along with contamination suits, weapons and a video response to the president explaining the events that took place 900 years ago.  Korvis plans to use the contamination suit to disguise himself and convince Vena he is "the spirit of The Prezzydent" to force a meeting with her.  Vena agrees to meet with him despite disagreement from the other Frauls.  Korvis shows Vena the bunker and shows his identity to her, meanwhile the Frauls betray Vena and attack the Plugarts.

After explaining to Vena that he is a man the two have an intimate moment then part ways. Upon his arrival back to Camp Reagan, Korvis discovers his battered and beaten men.  He curses Vena and races to the Frauls village to confront her but she admits they were tricked and vows it will never happen again while surrendering her weapons.  With both leaders now face to face and their armies backing them, can they come to terms with reality to create peace, and understand the meaning of love?

If you're looking for a fun over-the-top cheesefest then look no further! This is film so terribly bad, it's humorously entertaining.  Definitely a train-wreck you won't want to miss!  So, till next week Retroholics... have fun and be safe!

Magnum Crockett

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