Thursday, September 11, 2014


Mathusalem - Profondo Rosso

By Jazzi Marzcat

The moon is full, casting shadows everywhere. Something is lurking in the dark, and in the next moment, deep red blood flows out to the ground. Music that can create such vivid images like that, can all be found on the 3rd, and latest release by Mathusalem, his EP Profondo Rosso. Mathieu "Mathusalem" Thomas, a synthwave producer from Paris, France who has been on the scene for quite some time now, has stated about his music that, "I love to change the world and atmosphere in it, (and) to produce many different styles." Mathusalem succeeds with this EP in doing exaclty that. Inspired by horror, and film soundtracks of the Italian Giallo age, this EP takes a detour from his previous work that is more upbeat in style, and instead takes a listener on a darker journey, with killer dance beats, and gorgeously layered synth melodies. Each track tells it's own story, and with Mathusalem's genius production, vividly so!

Starting with the first track, you should get your silver bullets ready, because 'Wolf' is going to smack you right in the face on play's first impact with the sounds of wolves howling. Just before you can take cover, BOOM! The synths kick in, and with an infectous bass line, and a groovy beat, these wolves are going to go all "Were" on you in the most funkiest of ways!! This song seriously does for werewolves, what Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' did for zombies. From beginning to end, there are so many delicious twists and turns in this song, it will get you begging for more! I guarantee, this is going to be a favorite to be played at Halloween parties!

If 'Wolf' was too seductive to pull away from the allure of animal yearnings, 'The Slayer' is going to whip you in to shape! This track is very unique, as it mixes a heavy rock'n'roll edge with sexy disco beats. It starts off with harsh synth chords, followed by a heavy lead guitar, but then brings in a heart pounding cool beat that will keep you on your slayer toes. I literally could not sit still listening to this song!! It will get you to not only bang your head, but boogie down as well. Just a really awesome track that satisfies all needs!

However if you're not careful with your dance moves, red blood will begin to flow in the next track, a cover of 'Profondo Rosso'. This is well known by horror fans as one of the most delectable tracks created by the legendary progressive band Goblin, for the film of the same name directed by the master of horror himself Dario Argento, in the mid 1970s. Mathusalem takes on the title track of the Argento's film Profondo Rosso with integrity and grooviness! Right from the start is the familiar melody of 'Profondo Rosso', and I'm in love!  I can't get enough of this mix of innocence and creepiness to a melody. It is slightly slowed down from the original, but it helps to savor each note. A little disappointment is the toning down of the bass line from the original track, but the the mix of synth effects and the cool dance beat make up for this. With the melody carefully preserved, it's an excellent way to bring more horror and screams to the dance floor!  (Just make sure to clean up all the blood afterwards).

Rounding out this really awesome EP is the remix to Justice's song 'Phantom Part 1.5'. Originally more of a EDM track, with a sample of Vangelis' 'Aquatic Dance', Mathusalem brings an Italian Giallo vibe to it, making it fit perfectly with the other songs.  Although the beat is a little slower than a dance beat, and more methodical, the harsh synth chords that create a lot of tension, and the delicate, yet chilling melody, are fast enough to land this track into outrun territory. A really rocking track!!

This EP is so excellent, you may be able to outrun the werewolves, the slayer, and the thirst for blood, but will you will not be able to outrun the addiction of listening to this EP on repeat!! I know I haven't!! Plus with the Halloween season approaching,  and for any, and all fans of horror, this EP is just too good to pass up!!! Check it out now from 30th Floor Records, available for download at "Name your own price" for a limited time here.  

Mulperi - Unicorn Express

By Jerry Herrera

Mulperi’s Unicorn Express EP is an impressive collection of synthwave bliss.  While there may not be anything particularly game changing, it’s clear that Mulperi is a talented artist that is worth keeping an eye on.  There are some really gorgeous melodies and progressions working in every track and some thoughtful instrumentation that effectively create visions of far off landscapes and undiscovered worlds in the mind’s eye.

Pay particular attention to the title track.  It’s a slow paced journey through the clouds of an alien world, both comforting and simultaneously creating a sense of wonder.  Following that is Fading Memories which is a beautiful musical meditation that is reminiscent of Vangelis’ film compositions.  My favorite track would have to be The Power of One for its outrun flavors and haunting vocoded snippets.  I think Mulperi is on track to be a solid and consistent producer who has a good instinct for spaced out sci fi outrun.

Mulperi's Unicorn Express EP is available here for FREE download on soundcloud and it is highly recommended listening.

Digital Native Dance - Los Canarreos

By Rick Shithouse

Digital Native Dance is back with a brand new tropically themed EP which is channelling new strata of the 80s for this well loved artist. In Los Canarreos DND sets moods to chill and the temperature to sweltering with four tracks of pineapple dappled, sunset fresh synth magic.

An entirely new soundscape greets the listener at 'Sunrise' with a live spatial atmosphere full of analogue sounds. Bass and guitars move glacially in and out of focus through the heat haze, setting a launching pad for the opening title track. In what came as quite a shock DND brings to life some amazingly authentic Duran Duran sounding ensembles; complete with John Taylor styled rocktastic basslines and the synths and guitars working magic amid the tropical percussion. This track could easily be an extra instrumental piece off Rio, a greater compliment I can't give.

Opting for even sultrier, laid back qualities DND gets some more guitar driven moods sweating and gyrating in 'Ocean Drive Through'. If the vibe were any chiller you'd need a jacket, scarf and mittens. Party time kicks in with the funky brass and groovy rhythms of 'After Dark' as DND finds love amongst the flickering torches at the beachside soiree. Superbly written and full of instrumental nuance this track is rife with DND's alluring songwriting hallmarks that make the moon sparkle off the ocean in a completely entrancing manner.

DND's Los Canarreos EP is available on iTunes here and is the perfect companion piece to those warm summer days and nights, and if the weather isn't as fair as you'd like; Digital Native Dance is sure to raise the temperatures with these four sizzling tracks.

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