Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LA Dreams Creates A Perfect World

By David S. Walker

I first stumbled across LA Dreams last year, on a late night cruise through related videos on YouTube, and heard 'Noir Dark City' for the first time. It was a turning point for me as a fan of the genre, and as a producer within it. LA Dreams gave me a schooling in atmosphere and ambience that i'll never forget, and now A Perfect World is here; 8 tracks of LA Dream's smoothest new tracks.

'Limousine and Stilettos' colours the opening of the album perfectly, as a taste of things to come and as a benchmark for each track that follows. The sounds are light, airy and dream-like, with special attention paid to creating a light-hearted and gentle sound. Drums punctuate rather than pump, and synth layers weave and work their way around each other without ever becoming cluttered. 'Camaro Fever' ups the pace of the album with a head-bopping coastal run. Again, it's light on the ears and an actual pleasure to experience.

LA Dreams slows it down with 'Moon Over Tokyo', introducing some playful calypso and oriental textures. 'FunLove' departs from the synthwave staple, and brings us more toward contemporary dance, with the drums a little fatter and the bass pumping through with serious attitude. 'The World Looks Perfect' follows up and is a sure-fire single in its own right and 'Full Time Lover' doesn't let the pace drop with its catchy hooks and crisp beats. As we've come to expect from LA Dreams, the production is fantastically clear and every minor detail is there for us to hear.

A Perfect World draws to a close with 'Club Disco,' leaving us with the perfect blend of gentle grooves and memorable hooks. LA Dreams is pushing through the synthwave genre, on his way to the top to share the limelight with the heavyweights. For those just getting into the retro scene, 'A Perfect World' is a sightseeing tour through how it should be done at its best, and for long-time fans, LA Dreams reminds us what made us fall in love with it in the first place.

LA Dreams presents his A Perfect World album on his Bandcamp page here. This record comes very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM, the perfect soundtrack to end the summer with.

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