Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

By Kasia

Tuesday, 15th April, 2014

Powercut - Nostalgia

My beloved 80's 
How I miss it 
Everything was so colourful, beautiful and full of energy 
Unforgettable music, cool clothes, great movies 
Fascinating games and... even more fascinating boys :)
I wish I could bring back the time 
So called magic... 
I wish the 80's had stuck around
I wish I could revive its spirit 
Thinking back to those days really puts a smile on my face 
Being a Child Of The 80s 
Is to be a part of The Best Generation Ever 
I would give up a lot just to have my 80's back...
I'm very upset that this generation is simply going down 
But I am also glad that you are here 
And keep reminding me how great life can be 
Even though the 80s may be lost
It will never be forgotten!
And no matter what I will always be a kid of the 80's!

Thursday, 28th February, 2013

Carousel - Into The Night

Just look in my eyes
You'll be alright..
We can just drive 
How many times you wanted to do this? 
Just to take your car and drive ahead without a destination
Leaving everything behind you... 
For a short while forget about the world around you 
No worries, 
No plans, 
No expectations, 
No pressure... 
Just you, your car, your music 
And unlimited possibilities of learning about the world 
Soak up every second of carefree life 
To take a deep breath
Close your eyes and really feel free
I often think about it 
And I know that now is the best time to do that 
I'm right by your side
We'll be all right...
We can just drive

Friday, 3rd January, 2014

iamManolis - Stealing The Night

I wish i could steal the night.. 

The night is such an amazing time
Same world, same place, same people but everything looks better 
And feelings seem to be deeper 
Music speaks to me in a completely different way 
I hear the same sounds but they mean something else
Everything changes as the night falls 
I could stare at the night sky 
And listen to the sounds of the night forever
I am wondering if you would be the same 
If you were here with me?
If I was the owner of the night
I would make it never ending
So I could get the answer when you finally appear

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