Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Return Of Kasia's Secret Diary!

by Kasia

Thursday, 28th November, 2013

Sunglasses Kid featuring Bret Grace - Class Notes

With you everything takes on new meaning
It is a cloudy day but I can look at the sky 
And count all the stars out there
Your music makes the sky so blue
Everything is suddenly crystal clear
I feel like I want to be close to you
I want to have you around
I feel that with you my all dreams can become real!
I want this magical journey full of great sounds and positive vibes to last forever!
I will always follow you no matter where you go !

Wednesday, 14th August, 2013

Valente - The Distant Lights (Anoraak Remix)

If you asked me to choose a track which always brings me hope 
I would choose YOU
Yes you, because every single word of your lyrics 
And every single note of your music lets me believe that no matter how bad things are,
there is always a solution to make things better

And there is always somebody ready to help us 
Even though we usually can not see it 
We are fighting under the same moon
I just love this sentence

And though I know you can't see us 
We are out here
We're all out here 
We are right here
Never give up. 
Never let anybody destroy you or put you down
Always believe in yourself because you are the best thing you have...
You will find what you seek if you just keep swimming towards the distant light

Sunday, 8th June, 2014

Oligee - My Electric Heart

Every single day brings us something new 
A further piece of the future
What I like about this day is that it gave me an opportunity to meet you
My electric heart 
Mmmm I really wanted to write something nice about you
And to describe you with the most beautiful words
But everything that comes to mind seems to not be good enough
You are just a pure listening pleasure
So fascinating...
And also so different 
So smooth and so unique
Sometimes sad and sometimes so happy
So emotional 
I have so many different visions in my head when I listen to you
It's amazing what music can do to ones mind
Some people have hearts of stone
Some of them I think don't have a heart at all 
And even though I don't know anything about your heart
I know for sure that you have a beautiful and colourul soul 
And I hope that nothing will ever change it!

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