Saturday, July 19, 2014

Synthetix Sundays

It's only mere hours until the next instalment of Synthetix Sundays gets set to explode with Marko Maric! The show airs LIVE on Radio Pure Gently at this time and is an unstoppable warmachine on a path for unrequited vengeance with the Dark Lords Of Synths Part 2 lined up in the sights and the trigger ready to squeeze. 

Interviews with Dan Terminus, Cluster Buster, Daniel Deluxe and Ed Harbinger will ensure the grip of terror will be unescapable as the darkness envelopes proceedings entirely! But all has not succumbed to the black arts as regular segments from Paul 'Dress2Kill' Daly and Quality Time With Shithouse shed some lighter 80s powers with swords of synth justice raised to the heavens.

All this rockin is sure to set your world afire and to add even more excitement an extra special exclusive track from Mental Minority scheduled into the programming.

Tune in LIVE here and rock it harder than a melonfarmer, each week and every week!

If you can't make the live show be sure to come back tomorrow for a link to the show that you can download and enjoy in your own time and I'll also be posting the tracks from Quality Time With Shithouse that are available for free download.

On a final note, Sunday the 20th of July marks International Boombox Day and in celebration of this auspicious occasion I've created specially themed mixtape that will be an annual specially themed mixtape, similar to the Halloween, Valentine's and Year End mixtapes I do.

The Stereo Sonic Electro Rockin Mixtape focuses on the funkier electro end of 80s sounds and contains a stellar line up talent from the scene. Rock your own copy of the Stereo Sonic Electro Rockin mixtape with the  download link in the player, full track listing available on the soundcloud page. High res cover art is available here

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