Saturday, July 12, 2014

Synthetix Sundays: A New Adventure Begins!

As some of you have known, I've been doing a Quality Time With Shithouse segment on Marko Maric's Synthwave Sundays. This has been a lot of fun and in the plans of the new-developments of Synthetix.FM the two of us have now combined forces further and the show is now the official Synthetix.FM radio show; transformed into Synthetix Sundays on Radio Pure Gently!

This episode will be the final one with the Quality Time With Shithouse covering past releases from early days of the 80s inspired synth scene and from next week on Synthetix Sundays will have the content that was previously covered on the Weekend Updates on Synthetix.FM. I'll be presenting the most rockin tunes from the past week and myself and Marko will be adding in all manner of news, scene banter and other things we can come up with.

The Weekend Updates were always done in a radio-format as far as my writing went and I hope you too find this as exciting as I do with being able to deliver the hottest new tunes to you in format I always wished I could.

Synthetix Sunday airs LIVE at 10PM Perth time in Australia, for those of you not sure what time this is in your locality please consult this image to find out when it'll be on for you. If you can't tune in live this post will get a download link to the show on soundcloud that you can then listen to at your leisure on your favourite digital audio playback device, so please come back tomorrow to get your copy that you can then enjoy all week long.

This week on the inaugural Synthetix Sundays Marko has a thunder cracking show co-hosted by Corey  'Magnum Crockett' Benedict and Marko will be interviewing Alpharsic, Ed Hardbinger, Florent Campana and Mael Nesti from Blazestation, 80s synth scene legend Alpha Boy and Joey Cato, the creator of the My 80s TV project. Of course there will be regularly scheduled Quality Time With Shithouse that features a very special album to the history of Synthetix.FM too.

Exclusive tracks from John Of The Shred and Alpharsic feature in this four hour juggernaut of raging synth fury. You can tune into Synthetix Sundays LIVE here, and please follow Synthetix Sunday on Facebook here.

Marko and myself are super excited with the possibilities of what the rockin new Synthetix Sundays show will be able to cover in the 80s inspired synth scene and I hope you, too, support this kick arse new initiative. Many, many thanks to Marko Maric, Micky Dodds and Radio Pure Gently for making this happen. The rockin has just begun!

Listen to or download Synthetix Sundays Episode 1 here:

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