Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

By Kasia

Monday, 14th July, 2014

Le Cassette - Electric Paradise

I know everybody talks about you
I know that you are everywhere
I know that I should probably concentrate on somebody else
But how can I do this if I think about you all the time?
How can I pretend that you are not there?
I wouldn't be myself if I did not try to talk to you and tell you how I feel about you.
I have nothing to lose. If you never try you will never know
And what I know for sure is that you're giving me everything I need and more!!
I don't remember how long I was waiting for you but it was worth it
Me and you - perfect match ! 
I'm lost in your music
I'm lost in your voice
I'm lost in you
My electric paradise.
I don't care who you belong to, because for these 4 minutes and 18 seconds you are only mine.

Friday, 4th April, 2014

Droid Bishop - Moonrunner

I feel like I'm living at the edge of the world
There is nothing in front of me
Just dark space full of amazing sounds
The more I try to catch them, the more they run away 
Letting me chase them around
Even though I know I will never be able to touch them, I feel simply happy
An indescribable feeling, one of the moments worth living for
It's so unique that I never want to forget about it
It doesn't matter how far away you are 
I will keep searching for you throughout space because I am a Moonrunner
And even though I might not find you
You will always be in my heart 
And I will never stop trying.

Tuesday, 10th December, 2013

Bestrack - Sparkle

Choices, choices, choices. It's all about them
10000 choices to make every single day
What to eat?
What to wear?
Where to go?

But I am old enough to make my own decisions!
I do not wanna have a boring life!
I do not wanna be unhappy!
I do not wanna let other people decide whats good for me!
But... I do want to have YOU in my life! 
Because with you I am finally myself!
Your magical sounds give me the energy to change the surrounding reality
No risk, no fun!
So let's do it! 

Let's finally be happy! 

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