Friday, July 25, 2014

Flashback Friday

Savage Streets (1984)

Happy Friday Retroholics, it’s time to dig up another forgotten 80’s film. This week I’ve chosen a revenge flick starring a stunning, tough as nails Linda Blair and features a totally rockin’ soundtrack.

1984’s Savage Streets was written and directed by Danny Steinmann and stars Linda Blair as Brenda, a high school student enjoying a night on the town with her deaf sister Heather, and her girlfriends. After a gang named The Scar’s nearly hits Heather with their car, Brenda and her friends decide to teach them a lesson by stealing and trashing their car a few hours later. Looking to get Brenda and her friends back, The Scar’s gang-rape and brutally beat Brenda’s sister Heather while Brenda is engaged in a shower room fight with a jealous cheerleader. With only days until her best friend Francine’s wedding, Brenda and the girls celebrate at a local bar. The Scar’s show up and force themselves on Francine which causes a bar room brawl, where Francine cuts the face of Jake, the gang leader. Now looking for revenge Jake, the leader of The Scar’s, chases down Francine and throws her off a bridge. When one of the gang members shows up at Heather’s hospital room to confess he was sorry for what he did, Brenda confronts him. He tells her Jake killed Francine. Now fueled by vengeance, Brenda arms herself with a crossbow and sets out to deliver justice for her sister and Francine.

The score is full of suspenseful synths composed by John D’Andrea, and the soundtrack features some awesomely enjoyable tracks performed by John Farnham. An amazing synthwave album to accommodate this film would be Makeup and Vanity Set’s Charles Park Trilogy, which sets the tone for unstoppable vengeance. Certainly an album you don’t want to pass up. So if you’re looking for revenge on that long work week then kick back, grab your crossbow and enjoy some ass kicking vigilance! Till next week, take care and have fun rockers!

Magnum Crockett

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