Friday, July 11, 2014

Flashback Friday

Strike Commando (1987)

Happy Friday to all you Synthetix.FM rockers. This weeks Flashback Friday Film is packed full of one-liners and explosive action. Along with an intense synth score and it’s ripped-off Rambo: First Blood 2 theme, this film is definitely a hidden gem you should check out.

1987’s Strike Commando, written and directed by Bruno Mattei stars Reb Brown as Sgt. Mike Ransom. While on a covert mission to blow up a Viet Cong military base Ransom barely escapes alive after his commanding officer Col. Radek sets off the explosives too soon, killing his fellow Strike Commando’s. Behind enemy lines he befriends people in a small village terrorized by Viet Cong along with a Russian meathead named Jakoda and his Russian forces. With the help of the villagers and his Major, Ransom is extracted but delivers news to Radek that the Russians are aiding the Viet Cong. Radek orders him to go back into Vietnam to get real proof, where he finds the villagers murdered and realizes Radek is helping the commies. Looking to settle the score Ransom becomes a one man army and dismantles the Russian and Viet Cong forces then hunts down the traitor, Radek. The film concludes with Ransom force feeding Jakoda a nice healthy Mk2 Grenade followed by a humorous explosion of body parts and a scream that outlasts the explosion.

The score to this film was by Italian composer Luigi Ceccarelli and features blood-pumping synths, perfectly suited for this Rambo-esque knock-off. If you’re looking for a great accommodating synthwave album, I highly suggest Jupiter-8’s Codename: Firesnake OST. It’s an intense eleven-tracker that’ll immerse you into a covert mission of your own.

So if you have some time to kill this weekend then grab your M60, grit your teeth and pull the trigger! This is one mission you’ll definitely want to complete!

Until next week, keep rockin'

Magnum Crockett

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