Sunday, June 22, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

As I alluded to last week Synthetix.FM is going to celebrate International Boombox day this coming July (Sunday the 20th to be exact) with a special Synthetix.FM Mixtape. This will be an annual event to complement Valentine's Day's Synthual Rendezvous, Halloween's Rhythm Vivisection and the year end Synthstravaganza Mixtapes and being the inaugural  edition I want to make it extra hard rockin.

Much like the Halloween and Valentine's Mixtapes I'm now taking submissions from producers to go into this mixtape. The theme for International Boombox day is going to be hot Electro Funk styled synth music, with an energetic flavour that is rockin the classic breakdance anthems of old. If you're not sure what this means here's a few classic examples of modern day electro rockin' action.

If you're still unclear please have a browse through my Electro Funk Top 10's for 2012 and 2013 in the year end Synthstravaganza posts on Synthetix.FM here and here. Please submit and of your own tracks via the contact form on the left hand side of this page. The music doesn't have to be brand new or exclusive, but I will prioritise tracks that are. Submissions will be taken from now until the cut off date which will be the 16th of July. I'm really looking forward to this new mixtape being a regular feature of the special edition Synthetix.FM Mixtapes and I'll be marketing it actively via the boombox collecting fraternities I'm an active member of throughout the internet, so your music will be being spread to all new demographics and is hopefully an excellent opportunity to increase your music's audience. Please feel free to contact me via the contact box on this page if you require any further information.

Time to get the throttle rockin into the danger zone with this week's AIRBORNE feature releases!

MOXX - Starcross 2001  Future 80s Records' have a hot new release on their hands with the new MOXX EP titled Starcross 2001. This four track affair offers some hear pumping OutRun styles along with more atmospheric arrangements. MOXX's sounds develop with a priority given to melodic exploration, which is really personified in the wonderfully vast 'Starcross City Overture'. MOXX even experiments in some classic 80s indie electro pop sounds on 'Sleipnir' which is totally rockin. There are a lot of great signs on this EP that MOXX has the talent and understanding of 80s sounds to garner a big following in the 80s inspired synth scene and I, for one, am greatly looking forward to hearing more MOXX rockin in the future.

Stellar Dreams - The Crusader The musical journey thus far for Malaysian duo known as Stellar Dreams has been interesting to say the least. These rockers have been changing the genetic make up of their music in nearly every release with some of their styles moving well away from the 80s based sounds but their new EP feels like it's taken a new and exciting turn. The Crusader takes the Stellar Dreams 80s sounds and gives it a harder tensile edge without sacrificing their magical melodies. 'High End' and 'Mileage' were definitely my two favourite pieces on this EP, ironically for very different reasons, but both create magnificent amounts of atmosphere. To round out the EP there are also two remixes of the title track, one being a funkier take from Kid Flash and the other being a  totally rockin 'Midnight Version' which really gives The Crusader an exciting new aesthetic.

Spacious Sweep - Escape From Reality Jerome Spacious Sweep is one of the hardest working producers in the 80s inspired synth world. Every week he's releasing new gems of vintage sounds and now he's getting around to packaging them into EPs for better distribution. His Escape From Reality EP is a nine track cavalcade of 80s synth sounds the move from dramatic atmospheric synthscapes into Italo and most everything in between. I absolutely adore the vintage naivete of Spacious Sweeps sounds and to be able get these delightful pieces as a free download is something most rockin. Stand out tracks on Escape From Reality: 'Divine Power', 'Tragic Memory', 'Difficult Recovery' and the absolutely kick arse title track. 


One of the things that I've always loved about Robots With Rayguns' sound is that it  still sounds as fresh and individual as it did when I first experienced it four plus years ago. RWR is set to release a hot new album, which will be his third, in the near future and to promote it and finance the release he's made a deluxe edition of RWR available for preorder with a whole bunch of hot extra tracks. Preorder your copy of the RWR Deluxe Edition here and stay tuned to Synthetix.FM for more rockin Robots With Rayguns action when the new album comes out, but for now grab a copy of his stellar new version of 'Fever '14' with your preorder.

Lots of atmospheric pieces surfaced this week and Pablo Johnson (or Joey Mercedes, depending what you read) released a really impressive piece of ambient space synth music with his 2001 homage 'Daisy'. The journey is deep and full of enlightening passages, beautifully constructed from beginning to conclusion.

'Fields Of Time' is the latest exposition from Python Blue and continues his expansion into purely 80s thematics from his past soundtrack oriented roots. This combination of his passion for 80s sounds and his understanding of more atmospheric synthual pleasures creates yet another hugely entertaining experience. 'Fields Of Time' rocks, and is currently available for FREE download via the player.

Dakarius is back with a hot new track full of tension and delightfully vivid orchestral stabs titled 'Techno Criminal'. The Dakarius sound always feels like it's been stripped directly from an 80s or early 90s cyberpunk thriller and this is no exception. The blend of vintage sounds is wholly convincing and rockin to the max.

Station A3 is pushing to the limit on his latest inspirational synth piece 'Stay Positive'. The vibes are motivating and full of enthusiasm. This kind of 80s synth music is some of my favourite and it's great to hear Station A3 rock it so hard. If you need inspiration this week, 'Stay Positive' and crank up the volume!

Creating a very dramatic and totally rad mix of ChipTune sounds in a very 80s aesthetic is Occams Laser with 'Power'. This feels like it should be in a soundtrack to a fast paced heroic action game ala Strider or Cyber Lip and it's ChipTune pallet gives just the right nostalgic flavour to the kick arse progressions. Currently available for FREE download.

KFDDA keeps on rockin hard and his latest track is certainly no exception. 'After School Special - Cassette Rip' is full of bright and breezy synth melodies that are full of 80s homage. The chapters of this piece kick much arse as it winds down midpoint before coming back with an uptempo reprise. Be sure to grab a copy of this while can as a FREE download.

The tone of Night Invader's new track 'Brutal Tyranny' is what drew me in originally and then the atmosphere it built upon refused to let me go. The dark powers at work in this track are undeniable and full of menace. The drums are really pumping some major force but the guitars and synths really combine into a huge powerhouse of malevolence. Grab a copy for FREE download while you can.

Daniel Deluxe is cranking some bad juju this week as well with his darkly atmospheric track 'Wasteland'. There's a vague hint of rockin disco vibes permeating from the shadowy surrounds that proves very enticing and is explored beautifully throughout the piece. You can rock this killer track for FREE download currently too.

Offering up some very well constructed 80s inspired synth pop is Street Cleaner featuring Seanario  with their track 'Gasoline'. Theres a great deal of vintage homage spread thickly throughout this song, although I found the more modern introductory passages putting things slightly off kilter. Balance is achieved not long in however and the remainder of the experience is totally kick arse. You can pick up a copy of this song on the Modesto Synth Society Comp: Four for FREE on Bandcamp here.

One of the most awesome pieces of soundtrack synth I've heard of late comes from Destoroyah and his piece 'Welcome To The Future'. The presence is undeniable and vast, with so many nods to classic soundtracks included while creating its own identity. It is a breathtaking piece of music in every respect.

Some rockin new talent up next with Neon Suspects and his two track self titled release. Two completely different aesthetics are explored and both are rockin to the max. 'Cyber Cruiser' gets a building OutRun experience full of action and drama while 'Lady At Night' is an absolutely stunning work of delicately sensual and sultry synth romance. You can pick up this great little EP via the link in the player on Bandcamp.

Synthetix.FM favourite Sebastian Gampl is back with another hot track that I simply can't resist covering this week. 'Doogie's Theme' is rockin to the max with stunning synth melodies and 80s charm that is completely contagious. This producer gets so much right with 80s inspired synth music that it's impossible to fault. Rock it.

17 Lion Tears, or Olivier PG has just unleashed some serious sax synth magic with his new track 'Shower Of Melodies' or possibly 'The Rain Of Your Love'. In all honesty I find it hard to keep track of this producer's title and track names but all that matters is this music is stunning. The emotional depth of this piece is really lovely with an intimate tone that is full of affection. The extended outro is completes the experience beautifully.

What's the definition of a winning combination? Lazerhawk and Neros77 is certainly a strong contender for it, that's for sure. It seems Lazerhawk's music always brings out the more creative side of Neros77's video creations and his latest work for 'Chaos' is certainly bringing new dimensions to Neros77's techniques. Using footage from the relatively obscure 80s fantasy epic The Devil's Sword allows for some very, very impressive blending of audio visual entertainment.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. Kasia and myself will be back during the week with more rockin tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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