Sunday, June 15, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

Time for another rockin Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM! This week has a witnessed the beginning of the FIFA World Cup and in celebration Werkstatt Recordings has garnered a roster of quality synth talent to release a great new World Cup themed compilation titled Soccer Wave: The Road To Glory.

Not since New Order's World in Motion have synths and football been so tuned as one as the likes of Plaisance, Fixions, Foreign Blade, Shio-Z, Nitelight and many more hot rockin synth producers take to the pitch and quest for victory. You can pick up a copy of this great release on Werkstatt Recording's Bandcamp page here, so it can be your complete soundtrack to this epic sporting event.

Now get ready to take off to adventure with this week's AIRBORNE feature releases!

Sferro & Tommy - Matters Of The Heart Joining forces and enlisting even more killer talent we find Sferro & Tommy combining their magical synth magic in this great little EP. The opening title track is a sumptuous synth pop vista of luxurious 80s textures and emotions with a sultry vocal courtesy of Yota. 'Rapture' brings the dreamy melodies of Tommy into focus with arrangements given a glossy layer of Sferro synth magic. These two totally rockin tracks are accompanied by remixes of each from Cassette Club and Rex Ronan to finish off an already stellar experience in 80s inspired synth beauty.

Nemix - Electromechanical Nemix has released his debut EP which contains five tracks of high energy synth rockin that crosses genres and decades with very interesting results. Much of his melodies come across as heavily 80s influenced whilst the arrangements are engineered to maximise drama where necessary and then lull back into emotive pastures. 'Human V20' provides a delicately pieced together work of Synth Romance while still keeping a very modern/futuristic technological vibe, which is very intriguing. Stand out tracks also include the totally rockin 'City 2084' and 'Forbidden
Labs' which sounds like it should be on a Castlevania soundtrack.

Manolis - At My/Her Place Manolis is back with a superb new two track release that is a wonderfully explored concept in Synth Romance intimacy. At My/Her Place is a two track affair exploring synthual relationships in different environments between two people. The differences in being with the same person in differing spaces is beautifully illustrated via Manolis's incredible musical talent. Subtlety and understatement allow for wonderfully tender moments through both beautifully constructed tracks.  A stunning release and a shining example of a simple concept given immense depth.


Kicking off this week's Weekend Update tracks is Cobra Copter who's rockin some serious action in his latest track 'Ultimate Ninja'. The stealthily understated  opening chapters lead into full silent assassin overkill with great progressions and a lead refrain that is full of synth ninja magic. I'm sure Godfrey Ho would be proud to have this piece on a soundtrack to any of his superb ninja cinema masterpieces.

I'm becoming more and more impressed by the work of Alter Sun of late. His latest track really rocks some quality 80s vibes and with equal portions of Paul Hardcastle and Harold Faltermeyer combining into a feel good holiday vibe full of bright colours and warm sunshine.

Coming in right on track for the my next feature mixtape for International Boombox Day (more on this next week) is the great new electro rockin piece from Pulse 80 titled 'Sweet Groove'. Huge percussion highlights right on point 80s melodies in a jam that's sure to make your woofers wallop and your tweeters twitch. Currently available for FREE download via the link in the player.

A new rocker for Synthetix.FM now with Tetrahominoid and his totally kick arse track 'Convoy'. The electro rockin is turned up to maximum in this track with a chorus that is catchy far beyond the legal limits. Kick arse work and I hope to cover more Tetrahominoid tracks on here in the future.

It's great to have Dream Fiend rockin a kick arse new original tune with 'Lockdown' this week. The melodic journey this tracks takes the listener on is stunningly detailed and full of lush 80s sounds and produced with a sparkling coat of neon gloss.

There is definitely ardor in the air this week as yet another stunning Synth Romance track this time from Mooginizer and his wonderfully constructed piece 'Take Her Home'. The music moves through some intriguing chapters as Mooginizer really makes the percussion work in extraordinary ways to highlight the magic of the lead melody. Currently available for FREE download, get on it ASAP.

Another piece of music that is stunningly assembled is the new track from The Northern Lights going by the name of 'Indigos'. The presence created is immense and full of emotional nuance. There is a tactile mix of power and delicacy that is breathtaking. A wonderfully involving piece of music.

Steve Moore is a legend of 80s inspired synth music and it's fantastic that his stature has been recognised by Capcom as he's contributed kick arse music for the just released Dead Rising 3 DLC pack, extravagantly titled Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + Alpha which brings a tonne of revered Capcom character designs into the Dead Rising universe. This track is currently available for FREE download, also.

RF Extreme's brand of emotive synthual pleasures is one I'm always excited to partake in another slice of and with 'Path Unknown' those sweetly delicious flavours are once again baked to perfection and iced with dreamy neon colours. The journey is deep and enriching and swells with great beauty.

Although it's policy on Synthetix.FM that i don't cover preview/demo tracks (I'd much prefer to wait until they are fully completed to give them proper exposure) I couldn't resist including the latest track by one my of favourite new producers of 2014, the ever impressive Sebastian Gampl with 'Chicago'. Though listed as a 'teaser' I'm not sure how else this wonderful piece of music will evolve as it is incredibly impressive as it stands. The best news is that Sebastian Gampl will be a releasing an album before the year's end so I figure this track (and his also rockin 'Freedom Fighter' track) might be the last time we get to hear from him for a while.

Robert Parker's really got the creative juices flowing this week with another great electro breakin' synth odyssey for your delectation. 'Spin' is full of nods to classic breakdance music while glowing with that beautiful Robert Parker magic. This is also available currently for FREE download too.

Fantastisizer is back with a hot new track titled 'Mirror Of You'. Haunting melodies providing an hypnotic and spacious synthscape that creates a hazy, dreamlike vision. The focus of the melody remains unchanged throughout but it's the atmospheres that are adapted and eventually brought to stunningly climactic final chapter that make the experience magical.

Myrone continues to redefine my love for 80s inspired synth music as he once again rocks harder than melonfarmer in his latest guitar and synth extravaganza: 'Heating Up'. This explosive, high octane thrill ride is packed with shredding, wailing, ripping and rockin all night long. Available for FREE download you NEED this piece of music in your life as loud and as often as possible. Be sure to check out Myrone's collaborative work with Max LeRoy, 'That's It Man' also released this week as a FREE track.

A live action fan project to make an accurate live-action version of AKIRA has secured the ever rockin Le Matos to make the soundtrack as rad as possible. 'Kiyoko' is a track to be featured in this project (which you can get sneak peak of here) and is a quality blend of classic 80s sounds and modern arrangements done in that classic Le Matos style. It's definitely the perfect audio accompaniment for the visuals, that's for sure. I'm certainly looking forward to how this project evolves as, like many of you reading this, I'm a huge fan of the original AKIRA animation.

This weeks feature video is for the long awaited new record from Mitch Murder. Synthetix.FM is officially on the hype train for this release as full length Mitch Murder experiences are always created with the highest calibre weaponry available and polished to a mirror finish. We've been promised physical copies of this album courtesy of Mad Decent including a vinyl release, which will definitely be making one of my long-term 80s inspired synth dreams come true. The album is due out the end of July, so expect more news and full coverage of the release as it gets closer, for now this beautifully animated album trailer for Interceptor will have to suffice.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back during the week along with Kasia for more musical explorations in the world of 80s inspired synth music.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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