Thursday, June 5, 2014

A New Feature For Synthetix.FM Mixtapes

Synthetix.FM Mixtapes have been rockin for a few years now. Every month I make a mixtape of all my personal favourite highlights released throughout the month. I often 'keep' tracks for the mixtape to ensure there are a few surprises on there too but now I have a new idea for something that I hope really takes the mixtapes to radical new heights.

 For every new mixtape, beginning with this one, I'm hoping to be able to procure a special Synthetix.FM Extended Mix of a featured track. These mixes are going to be special, special in a way that I find lacking in much of today's music.

The Synthetix.FM Extended Mix is going to bring back the classic 80s style of extended mix that has since been lost to endless reinventions of the modern day remix. The idea is to stay in keeping with the almost lost art of the classic 80s 12" extended mixes, engineered to maximise hooks and isolate elements to create definitive new structures of musical magic while keeping it's original 80s soul burning bright.

The first exclusive Synthetix Extended Mix is from none other than LA Dreams for his stunning track Burning Desires. Many, many thanks to LA Dreams for this totally kick arse extended mix of one of my top tracks of 2014.

At a later date, if this takes off, I'll be planning on releasing all the Synthetix.FM Extended Mixes as a standalone compilation, but more on that later.

For now, get radical with some of the hottest tracks around, mixed for your pleasure, with the latest Synthetix.FM Mixtape!!

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