Saturday, June 28, 2014

A New Chapter Begins For Synthetix.FM

Since the beginning Synthetix has been about bringing the fans and producers together and uniting the little pockets of 80s inspired synth dotted around the planet into a place where we could all help and support the music we all love. This has seen the Facebook group nearly reaching 3,000 members at this stage and a vibrant community of talented people now working at doing their thing to make the scene rock harder.

This is where the next evolution of Synthetix.FM begins. It's taken me probably far too long to realise this, and I only have my own ego to blame, but Synthetix is not about me. It's not about the posts I do or anything else, it's about the music and that is something that I want to now change about how Synthetix.FM operates. I think now is the perfect time for Synthetix.FM to spread its wings and bring the community to the site.

I want Synthetix.FM to reflect the diversity and talent of the fans the love the music, their passions for the 80s and the exposing of a greater audience to the artists who we know deserve it.

The first step on this new path is bringing in new writing talent and contributors to the Synthetix.FM experience. Things like the Weekend Updates will be changing with numerous scene identities contributing as well as the AIRBORNE reviews getting their own weekly post. News, events, Kickstarter promotions and all manner of other things related to what's happening in the 80s inspired synth scene will be covered and given a space on Synthetix.FM also.

This site has always been about the cream of what the scene produces and that is not changing, Synthetix.FM is not about covering 'everything' that comes out, but ensuring that quality releases that we connect with are given time to shine. With the sheer amount of music coming out these days I, as an individual, can't cover everything to a standard I'd be happy with. The other side of this is that I have a tonne of rockin ideas I'd like to do related to the scene that I simply don't have the time for currently.

I'm still going to be writing and creating content on here, but with our newly formed team of reviewers and growing array of contributors I'll be able to focus on a more long range scope to ensure Synthetix.FM remains a relevant and vital part of the scene.

This process will be slow at first as things get together, so I ask of you to bear with us during this process, but things will be happening sooner rather than later as the new contributors to the site are already working on their first pieces. I'll also be posting in the Synthetix Facebook group for other positions for specific roles as contributors, beyond review writing, so please join the group, if you haven't already, if you believe you have something you can offer.

Synthetix as a community has been something I've been very proud of being part of for the last couple of years and this next step is now giving the community a place and voice in the spotlight that I hope grows brighter and stronger as time moves on.

Synthetix.FM's new programme schedule will be taking effect as of next week as things begin to slot into place. I'm very excited about these changes, it's like a whole new world opening up and I hope you will be coming along for the ride too.

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