Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Squidfish Attacks Metropopolopolis!!

When it comes to what gets me, personally, excited about 80s inspired synth music I often find two completely opposite approaches are what makes me fall in love with the music. I've mentioned this before, and I'll probably mention it again, but the authentic 80s synth music that really feels like it stepped directly out of that wonderful decade is one of these.

The other is the experimental and avante garde combinations of sounds that truly visionary producers come up with that mixes the un-mixable and combines the un-combinable into something I've never heard before. Be it the fusion of modern elements and vintage sounds or the obtuse combinations of different styles from similar; or dissimilar ones, the excitement of hearing something you've never heard before yet brings those things you love about music into a fresh frame of mind is, for me, a lot of the magic in the 80s inspired synth music happening today.

And this is what happend when I heard Squidfish Attacks' hot new EP Metropopolopolis. Initially I came across only the opening track which I fell in love with (and was going to be featured in next week's Weekend Update). Further, albeit accidental, investigation resulted in finding the EP and the magic of this work really kicked in.

Squidfish Attacks cites his music as a "fusion band mixing synthwave and 80s soul with heavier elements" and that description does suit the tracks very nicely indeed. The jazzier end of the 80s synth spectrum is met with raucous riffing metal guitars and atmospheric elements that deliver a smooth, powerful and invigorating blast of nostalgia and brutality all in one. In a similar manner to C-Jeff's magnificent Big Steel Wheels album the combination of emotive synth and high calibre guitar ammunition combines into something of huge entertainment value.

Opening with the stupendously named 'Miami Slice' the Squidfish Attacks instantly sets a twilight scene of lusty guitar licks and late night synth chords. The air is dense with desire and the sounds keep the tension and anticipation high. A segue of lovingly caressed piano and sax move things from the balcony into the bedroom as totally arse kicking guitar riffs wails and thrust their way in deep passions. The afterglow reprise cools off hot skin with a cool breeze that clings to her curves with a steamy ardour.

The dawn brings glinting rays of sunlight sparkling on the bay and your precision engineered Italian sportscar as the infectiously catchy melody of 'Outran' rocks on down the coastal highway. The passages of synthual beauty mixed with the crunching guitars match the elegant beauty and brutal horsepower of your automobile. High end luxury cruising with high volume rock and roll delivering thrilling moments; even moving into more tropical delights with island rhythms jiving along the beachside architecture.

Squidfish Attacks takes things back to the bedroom in the third chapter titled 'Love Wizard'. The emotionally laid bare melodies embrace guitars that add nuance and bright magic instead of their previous raw velocity. The atmosphere is hung on gossamer threads of bejewelled 80s fantasy. Jazzy and flighty movements are crafted with great care and the depth of the melody is explored with wondrous beauty. As a bonus, a remix of this track follows which cuts it up into an animal of completely new energies and works in a whole new way, even if it's rather brief.

Track four marks a return to a dazzlingly coloured, laid back jazz synthphony in 'I'll Anita Bake Her!'. The manner in which the sounds work together is sublimely implemented through the live drums and guitars adding a massively organic presence to the music. The dexterity in which each instrument moves in and out of its own space and into new directions is wonderful to experience. The relaxing tones of then and now become one as your imagination is captured and taken on a flight of musical fancy.

The rock is brought back tenfold in the final piece of the album in 'Sludgemucker', which brings in huge, blockbuster riffs of gleaming metal brilliance and then tempers their electric power with synth melodies that are wholly complementary and rock the scene with their own magical entrancement. Scaling melodies get the steady rockin rollin and the final passage shreds a fabulous disaster of pure metal mayhem. Perhaps some more synth work in this piece would've been welcome, but it still stands as one kick arse jam.

Squidfish Attacks presents the Metropopolopolis  EP on his Bandcamp page here at a name-your-own price point. This release has a great deal of fun about it and you know the producer was really enjoying himself through each of the tracks. The fun nature of the compositions though in no way detracts from the superb musicianship displayed in the pieces as well as his understanding of vintage genres. The combinations that Squidfish Attacks comes up with on this EP are totally rad to the max and Synthetix.FM very highly recommends you pick up a copy and get taken into a new dimension of 80s soundscapes.

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