Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Crime Wave Escalates To Danger Mode

Danger Mode is one of the most unassuming, yet also exciting, purveyors around of synth work that channels the 80s in soul and colour and then gives it a modern, high powered energy to make the excitement level rise even higher. His blend old and new is one of my favourite in the scene and each new episode of Danger Mode refines the experience and magnifies the gravity beautifully.

Crime Wave explodes from six thousand feet into the bright blue sky with the opening salvo 'Summit'. The unrelenting pace of this track is sure to heighten pulse rates as the huge drum fills reverberate and annihilate with great gusto. Danger Mode scripts tracks like action movie set pieces and his OutRun experiences are some of the best around as they completely capture the high speed road chase aesthetic eloquently and with a natural flow that runs on pure gasoline.

The synthscape employed by Danger Mode is stripped of extraneous elements that could possibly distract or reduce the emphasis of the driving forces in his music. The title track itself does this with huge swathes of synths being pushed to the limit and sliced and diced with pin point accuracy. The road becomes a blur and the atmosphere becomes heavy with slick, glossy synth energy.

I've got to say that 'Class Act', track three, is easily my favourite Danger Mode experience thus far in his musical journey. I'm probably never going to hear a collaboration between Mitch Murder and Rainsword and now I don't need to as 'Class Act' takes the Danger Mode sounds into an utterly gorgeous lead melody that is an epiphany of brilliance, giving slight nods to both producers while rockin the Danger Mode action all the way.

Heading back out on the road and straight into oblivion comes 'Burning Rubber'. Danger Mode's arrangements are honed to OutRun perfection as each passage works like a new section of track; engineered for fast straight aways, towering rises, life threatening curves and glorious victory at its end. This music makes you hold your breath, waiting for a chance to exhale, but are unable to for the monstrous power the synths of Danger Mode command.

Variations on the high energy styles surface in tracks like the hypnotic 'Hyper Disco' as the pace relents just enough to work a groovier aesthetic that is fuelled by cascades of dancefloor lights instead of high octane fuels. The modern arrangements emphasise the lead melody with infectiously engrossing journeys to Danger Mode's disco dimensions.

Moods become darker as the jungles become a terrifying playground of hunter and prey in 'Big Cats'. Percussion becomes incredibly colossal as the roars of the big cats themselves introduce marauding synth leads that stalk with natural grace and beauty. The atmosphere is heavy with dread and impending catastrophe, the natural order is unforgiving and hungry; and tonight it's thoroughly insatiable.

Danger Mode's arrangements reach new heights in the architecturally sound beauty of 'Hard Wired'. Mechanically alien melodies blend into wonderfully emotive passages with rising progressions of stellar proportions. The uplifting nature of the lead melody combined with it's inhuman companion is implemented effortlessly.

The final track on Crime Wave is a bonus demo cut of 'Charged'. This piece, although apparently incomplete at this stage, spins a glorious web of synth melodies that are explored and shaped into new forms that then rock back into their glorious neon colours. Perhaps Danger Mode intends to take 'Charged' into even more exciting new directions? That's something we'll just have to wait for.

Danger Mode presents the Crime Wave EP on his Bandcamp page here and Synthetix.FM very highly recommends this release. The power and energy Danger Mode combines with scintillating synth leads and arrangements geared for electrifying excitement make for four wheeled weapon of a thrill ride you'll not soon forget.

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