Saturday, May 31, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

Whenever anyone has asked me over the years where I think 80s inspired synth music is 'going' I've always been of the mind the mainstream electronic music markets aren't the place that the music we love will find a new and wider appreciative audience. The market where it's becoming more and more obvious that this music belongs and gains true purpose is in movie, TV and video game soundtracks. I've been hoping that this would become more common place and slowly but surely producers are securing roles in these medium; and I really hope this is long term outlet for the music to be optimally used.

I'd like to take this space to personally congratulate the most recent rockers to get their tunes used in soundtrack work. Congratulations Gost and Lazerhawk for their music that is in the latest Ubisoft blockbuster game Watch Dogs and congratulations to Dynatron for his track that is in the upcoming movie Cold In July. Here's to a lot more of this kind of thing happening in the future!

Put your seats into the take off position as we pull the throttle back to full power for this week's featured AIRBORNE releases!

 Glass Apple Bonzai - Glass Apple Bonzai  We've been a fan of of Glass Apple Bonzai's brand of 80s driven synth pop on Synthetix.FM thoughout 2014 and this past week has witnessed the release of the first Glass Apple Bonzai album. Containing nine  rockin tracks the songs are very thoughtfully presented, leaning towards a morose, early 80s european flavour of synth pop with sparse synthscapes and vocals that brood along nicely indeed. Stand out tracks like  'The Freeze', 'The Fist' and the Numan-esque 'The Girl With The Telephoto Eye' really rock hard and I'm sure you'll find much to enjoy within.

Atrey - Supernova Atrey has been on the Synthetix.FM radar since he blew me away with his Guilty Pleasure track earlier this year. His mix of modern techniques and 80s melodies is sure to excite many fans of the likes of Robots With Rayguns and Starcadian. His new four track EP defies the past, future and present with invigorating mixtures of emotive melodies and crushing arrangements. Atrey explores more ambient pastures too, creating some marvellously constructed atmospheres in 'So Far Away' and 'Naomi'. A great EP that is sure to rock you hard.

Room 8 - Visions Of You After waiting for seemingly aeons the first EP from Room 8 has landed! The announcement of Room 8 in 2012 has finally beared fruit and what delicious tasting morsels they are. I won't go into the history or Room 8 here, but be sure to read their blurb on soundcloud to get up to speed. Containing the title track (plus two remixes) and a second original piece there is a lot of to love about Visions Of You. The title track features 80s synth scene mainstays Electric Youth and is a powerfully delivered gem of 80s synth goodness with poppy hooks and crystalline production. The two remixes provided by none other than Miami Nights 1984 and Plastic Plates provide new avenues for the experience, with the MN1984 version being my pick of the two. 'Geo' is the other original track on this release and it is another beautifully composed and performed slice of sweet 80s synth magic. Here's hoping we get some more Room 8 music soon and that their Transduction album is nearing completion.


What better way to open up the Weekend Update than with a hot new track from Foreign Blade. This producer's latest piece is full of action and rocks a triumphant atmosphere full of synths, guitars and marching percussions. 'From Duke To Messiah' rocks hard and is currently available for FREE download.

Hello Meteor continues to impress with each new track and 'I'll Come Back For You' is one of his strongest piece yet. The sublimely atmospheric synthscape is accented with crisp elements and then swells into an incredibly rich melodic final act. Although short in length, this is massive in scope.

Delivering a different kind of intensity is the new track from Pyramid Aeon. The energy in this track is undeniable as it's modern synth sounds blend with 80s emotions and climb ever star-ward and the narrative is rich and rewarding from beginning to the exciting conclusion. You can pick up a copy of this track at a name-your-own price point on Bandcamp here.

The Dust Collective were introduced to me by Denovomutans recently, whom I'd like to thank for doing so. 'Ripper' by The Dust Collective is another killer track being used on The Outrunners webcomic and is ride down dangerous streets into a world of violence and disorder. The piece is put together to maximise the tension and intrigue and does so very well. Currently available for FREE download too.

Hot new music from RF Extreme next with his new synthual experience 'Digital Directional'. This track is a magnificent blend of his OutRun and Synth Romance sounds which combine into an amazing new experience. The scope is huge and the story deep and involving as each chapter progresses.

Although it is policy on Synthetix.FM to no cover unfinished demo/WIP/previews etc, I decided to break this rule with the rockin new Ward-IZ track 'Night Mission' as even though it's listed as being a preview it is available for download in this form. And this form it totally rockin to the max! The high energy is kept high and the melodies soar with beautiful 80s nuance. Get on it while you can!

A new rocker for Synthetix.FM is Varier and his kick arse new tune 'Dynamic Processing'. The mix of modern and slightly ChipTune influenced sounds complement a delightfully emotive 80s progressions and lead into some very interesting passages. Varier is just beginning his 80s synth journey and I look forward to experiencing more of it in the future.

The Neon Vandal is smashing up all kinds of action in his great new track 'New Wave Funk'. Channelling just enough Paul Hardcastle the synths rock with a salacious groove that is undeniably infectious. I really love the use of vocals and samples in this piece, totally rockin.

One of Silent Gloves and myself's closest bonds is our deep love for Michael Cassette's Temporarity album from 2010, which is still one of the greatest albums released thus far the bridges vintage and modern sounds in a very individualised way. Silent Gloves taken his homage one step further and released a new two track EP that is directly inspired by this record and given the at Silent Gloves magic touch that we so dearly love. Both tracks are totally kick arse and available to purchase via Bandcamp here.

Alter Sun continues to impress with his atmospheric and emotional synth compositions. 'When The Sun Goes Down' is his latest track and the journey is epic and full of 80s wonder. The progression of the story is executed with much dexterity and the three chapters are beautifully realised.

The talent of Sebastian Gampl continues to impress this week with no less than two incredibly beautiful pieces of classically styled 80s synth work being shared by this exciting producer. 'As Time Goes By' manages to be full of sentiment and emotional investment without becoming strictly synth romance while 'Clara' goes head over heels in love with an intimate aural love letter. You can pick up a copy of 'As Time Goes By' via Bandcamp here.

Unleashing all manner of electrifying synth magic is Pulse 80 with his killer new tune shared this week entitled 'Staunton'. The in-your-face production is just totally rockin and the melodies resonate deeply within the synthscape. A massive track that is also currently available for FREE download.

Riddlis has come up with something rather special in his new piece titled 'Alaska'. Taking a break from the usual synth surrounds of neon lit city streets we take an invigorating journey into the heart of the wilds of Alaska. The synthscape sparkles with natural beauty and conveys a vast open landscape of limitless possibilities. Structures ebb and flow with natural grace and are all encompassing in their brilliance. Top work, Riddlis!

Our final track this week is actually form 1991 but has only just been released. Krzysztof Duda is a Polish artist who has been making synth music since the 80s and continues to produce as well as share his older work that has often times, such as this, remained unreleased. '4 Miles 2 Davis' was written in memoriam of Miles Davis by Duda just before his funeral. The tones and progressions of this piece and stunning to behold, and the mastery of Krzysztof Duda is evident throughout. Twenty three years on, it's still rockin to the max.

Our video feature this week is the official video for Room 8's 'Visions Of You', which takes future romance to all new levels of technological endeavours amid a pastiche of neon colours.

That does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back during the week with Kasia for more rockin tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene, but there won't be a Weekend Update next weekend as I'll be taking a break over the long weekend here in Australia.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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