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Synthetix Weekend Update

Time again for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM! There's something new coming to Synthetix.FM, something I hope you enjoy. For the first time I'll be having a new contributor to the site, and it will be a new regular feature on a weekly basis. I've had numerous people ask to contribute over the years and I've never taken any on as basically the content would be the same as what I already offer but from a different author. I was very aware that any person I was ever going to get to contribute to Synthetix.FM would need to offer something new, something different to what I do and something that is still in keeping with the Synthetix.FM theme and aesthetic.

With these lofty criteria I really didn't think I'd get anybody else to create content on here, not that I didn't want people to contribute, but more that it had to be something that met these things specifically so that it was a complementary aspect to the Synthetix.FM experience. Luckily all the planets got into alignment recently and I'm very pleased to announce their first post will happen on here midweek, between my two usual reviews. I want to keep it a surprise until it happens, and I hope all you Synthetix.FM rockers out there find this new addition entertaining and enlightening. So tune in Wednesday to Synthetix.FM for all the hot new action!

Right now let's pull back the throttle and launch into synthual realms of azure brilliance and aural majesty with this week's AIRBORNE feature releases!

Mathusalem - Panorama  A producer bridging many vintage and modern aspects in his music is Mathusalem and his latest EP presented by Future City Records is a four track affair entitled Panorama. The style of the music is arranged with many modern flavours and the sounds blend vintage 80s glows with contemporary colour but it is the melodies that draw a rather wonderful retro pastiche from these ingredients. This release is definitely right on the borderline of being relevant to Synthetix.FM but is definitely something worthy of your listening time. Some great ideas surface throughout the tracks that are fresh and rockin with 'Panorama' and the opening piece 'Alpha Centauri' being my favourites for creating hypnotically designed 80s inspired experiences.

Omega Danzer - Play The Future Another producer who's combining many old and new inspiration is Omega Danzer. His latest EP titled Play The Future is presented for your enjoyment by Computer Love Records and delivers thrilling mixes of 80s synth and Italo sounds in a French Touch ambiance that brings to mind a great deal of the original 80s revival producers from the late 2000s. The sounds are heavily beat-driven with a dancefloor energy powering the synthscape but Omega Danzer keeps the 80s rockin via soothing and electrifying melodies. Electro rock breakin' action is one of the EP's highlights on the title track but his OutRun themed 'Galaxia Danze' is also a high point.

Nitelight - Kepler-186F A brand new team of rockers out on the loose and ready to relive the 80s dream is the three piece act Nitelight from Italy who've just completed their debut EP Kepler-186F. The Nitelight experience is about creating atmospheres of synthual passages that blend soundtrack aspects with energetic synthwave hooks. The music itself is arranged with great care and maximises the beauty of the elements with the percussion ensuring a focus is retained and the rockin doesn't stop. Emotional canvases vary immensely, through the panic and drama of the title track and into the smooth undulations of 'Countach' then into the night time action thrills of 'Pleasure 2008'. Nitelight keep passions running high throughout this EP and it bodes very well for their future in classic 80s sounds.


Quick! Get onto this as quick as you can before Trevor Something makes it disappear! I've had very little luck posting his music of late as by the time I'm ready to post it he's pulled it down off soundcloud. With his new track available on iTunes here I'm assuming this one might be up for the duration, with any luck. The dreamy synth pop gold of Trevor Something continues to glow and smoulder throughout 'Summer Love' and his vocals are, once again, some of the most suave you're going to hear outside of a Roxy Music record.

Treading with fear in the dark woods, late at night is the latest work from Zombie Hyperdrive: 'Red Eyes'. The threat of danger looms through every stanza and the guitar tear shreds of flesh from bone with roaring solos of complete entrancement. 'Red Eyes' is certainly a track Goblin would be proud of and Zombie Hyperdrive should be too as this rocks from beginning to end.

Swapping out the terror for some amorous advances is Destroyah with his latest work 'Girl In A Varsity Jacket'. Although the sounds are geared towards the romance of the 80s this is a very interesting take on synth romance sounds and moves with a graceful and ethereal presence while the female vocal work provides a wonderful counter play to the smoothly implemented sax.

Paris76 has been continuing his journey into vintage sounds and experimenting with some new ideas and in 'Neo Noir (re-edit)' he's come up with something rockin indeed. The structures of this track, especially the percussion are off kilter and enhance the dreamy nature of the melodies. The result is very engaging and full of homage to vintage sounds.

Venturing further into avant garde territory is the latest creation from Jowie Schulner called 'Era Of Adventure'. Once again it is the non-traditional percussion that really skews the angles and presence of the melodies into exquisite new surrounds. The hypnotic arrangements are irresistible and breathtaking.

Brutal Pony Riders is rockin up some kick arse grooves in his latest work B.P.R FM. The chintz is turned up into gloriously raucous levels with cowbell magic riding at full gallop throughout. This hot track is currently available for FREE download via the player.

Hello Meteor's been rocking the 80s inspired synth magic for a while now but I do believe this is the first time I've covered his music on Synthetix.FM. His latest track is 'Justifying The Intrusion' and it's one kick arse piece of synth gold. Sounds are marauding and subtle, keeping the ambiance balanced on tenter hooks. This is the perfect blend of night moods and hidden emotions. Beautiful music.

Taking off from earthly nights into the eternal night of space is another deeply atmospheric work of synthual delights courtesy of Kid Quasar and his track 'Phase Night'. The airy nature of the melodies are hung together by a totally kick arse bassline that really ties all the elements together into a magical experience.

Time Trvlr is rockin some quality Italo this week with his latest work 'Ciab Bella-Italo'. The elements come together in wonderfully traditional fashion and the arrangements on here really would take off to all new levels with a vocal track from a classically styled Italo chanteuse.  I wonder what Evelyn Barry or Lian Ross are up to these days?  This track is currently available for FREE download.

We've not visited the jungles of danger and unknown mythical powers for quite some time on Synthetix.FM but Robot Outro is ready to give us a guided tour of forgotten cultures and mystical magic courtesy of his rockin new tune 'The Outsider Tribe'. The percussion is wonderfully implemented and each element alludes to even more intrigue amidst the sprawling tropical forests. This track is also available for FREE download currently.

The terror of the night returns with violence and brutality in Grochoski's sinister new track 'Wild Night'.  After a horrific scene is set in the introduction the synths take over and carve out passages of menace with a couple of contemporary accents added that really give the track a surprising and unpredictable edge that I found hugely entertaining. You can pick up a copy of this track on Grochoski's Bandcamp page here at a name-your-own price point.

Mitch Murder's celebrating 10,000+ fans on his Facebook page with a wonderful new track for FREE download! 'Ocean Avenue' provides a much more airy and sparsely populated synthscape than we're usually accustomed to with Mitch Murder's work and in doing so allows for the sunny ambiance of the melodies to shine with a gloriously warm flow. Congratulations, Mitch rocker, and thanks for all the magical tunes!

Next up is another minimalist synthscape from Frank Dagger this time. 'Girls Best Friend' is going to be featured as the soundtrack to a short film by director Marcos Cidade. I'm unfamiliar with this director's work but I hope we get to see the full production as this rockin tune is certainly engineered for some intriguing visuals. This track is currently available for FREE download too.

Our final track for this week's Weekend Update is the aptly titled 'Until The Sun Goes Down' from Synthetix.FM favourite Tommy. The magic of this producer emanates deeply from within this song yet it contains a bright, happy vibe that is often a road less travelled for this producer who's more prone to travel the more introspectively deep musical paths. Tommy's music is always uplifting in its melodic structures and this is definitely the case with this gorgeous track, which is also currently available for FREE download.

Our video feature this week, once again, comes from 80s inspired synth scene official video maker par excellence Neros77 with his totally rockin mix of Garth Knight's epic 'Dance With Me' and visuals from everyone's favourite Hasselhoff extravaganza Knight Rider. Neros77 kills it once again!

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I hope you've found some hot new tunes to make your weekend the right shades of 80s neon. I'll be back during the week with more hot rockin tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene and don't forget the new weekly feature launching here midweek. 'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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