Sunday, May 4, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

As the year rolls along new producers appear and others fade away, seldom are producers permanent fixtures but such is the way. The circle of life in the 80s inspired synth world ebbs and flows with each week that passes and it is unfortunate that this week we say good bye to Cougar Synth. The duo has removed their presence from all online services and called it a day. The back story to this is unknown to me and in all honesty is unimportant; when anyone makes a decision to end a project we have every right to grieve but no right to demand explanations. We should instead rejoice in the beautiful music Cougar Synth shared with us and appreciate the time they gave us. Synthetix.FM wishes both members a bright future elsewhere on our little blue planet.

In happier news, compilation season continues with a totally rockin new release from Future 80s Records with their Compilation Vol. II . Thirty two tracks provide a smorgasbord of 80s synth delicacies from the rich stable of Future 80s talent including the likes of Absolute Valentine, Niky Nine,  Python Blue, James Baker, Preqwal, Riddlis, Scream & Dive,  Run Vaylor, Tokyo Rider and a whole mess of other Synthetix.FM favourites. You can pick up a copy of this via the Future 80s Bandcamp page here.

Time to  pull back the throttle and take off in the wild blue yonder of 80s inspired synth magic with this week's edition of AIRBORNE!

Orax - After Death Orax is back and rockin with his new EP After Death. The Orax sound is always full of energy and this producer is one to experiment with new sounds that break the mould. His arrangements on this EP have been stepped up dramatically as each of the seven tracks contain well detailed narratives that explore their structures with much care. The use of more acoustically powered instruments in many of the tracks is to be applauded. It's an eclectic EP that journeys through many styles and genres and Orax rocks each one of them in a most rad of manners.

Jeffery Horne - Power Pop Jeffery Horne is a new rocker on the scene that has been signed up to Future 80s Records and his debut EP is a marvellous excursion into late 80s Italo and Europ pop sounds. His melodies are definitely a strong point of his writing, especially in gems like 'There Are Times' and 'Memory' which hook deep with catchy refrains of total 80s wonderment. I'm definitely looking forward to sharing in Jeffery Horne's musical journey in the coming months.

Satori In Bed - Acapulco 1984 This EP came out at the end of March but I only became aware of it this past week. The Satori In Bed experience is a verdantly textured and varied experience in 80s sounds that range from totally incredible pop stylings on 'Black Star' through to the synth funk odyssey of 'La Quebrada'. This record is definitely a mixture of 80s driven feelings but they're all superbly rendered, full of colour, life and delectably written passages. Satori In Bed is definitely one of the most promising new acts in the scene.


First rocker up on the blocks for this week's Weekend Update is Infinity Cobra with his brand new track 'Fancy Drive 2'. I'm a fan of anything with 'fancy' in the title and this track is no exception. The meandering melodies give the track an easy flowing nature over the staccato percussion making for an interestingly contrasting experience. This available for FREE download via the button in the player.

Analogue Clones are turning the rock up in and kicking much arse in their new track 'Don't Fight The Night'. This sprawling epic is innately fused with the darker aspects of 80s horror synths sounds and evolves from a darkened fearful night in a guitar drenched chase of terror. Marvellously constructed and executed.

 A danger of a different kind comes into play with Foreign Blades new track 'Meeting At Villa Vizcaya' where sparkling seaside melodies lead to a binge of drugs and violence in the Florida sun. The pace is electric and the melodies intimate dangers around every corner as the inevitable conclusion leaves a wake of bloodstained white powder for the authorities to clean up. This track is currently available for FREE download.

Rockin into some smooth night moods with sexy synths and alluring beats is the hot new Synth Funk track from SaiR entitled 'Wonderer'. The production is glass smooth and melodies bounce with inquisitive passages that funk it up to the max. You can pick up a copy of this great track on SaiR's Bandcamp page here.

Keeping things bedroom-oriented is the sensually enticing new piece from Mr Maen appropriately titled 'Slow Love'. This heavenly slice of gorgeous Synth Romance is spectacularly written with uncomplicated passages full of emotional yearning and delicate melodies. Definitely one of Mr Maen's finest releases thus far, you can pick up a FREE copy of this ultimate late night anthem via the download button on the soundcloud page for 'Slow Love'.

Waveshaper's rockin new track, 'Chasing The Clone Of Myself', caught my attention and refused to let go this week. The narrative explored is deep but also very poignantly in a manner that draws the listener in and takes them on a ride full of twists and turns. The opening parts set the perfect scene which is then torn asunder in the proceeding chapters. This is killer track currently available for FREE download too.

I've been a long time fan Magic Sword's brand of 80s soundtrack synth work and the seemingly endless wait for the digital release of their full length album is now very close to over. I have it on authority from Magic Sword themselves that we'll be getting their album within the couple of months, which is totally kick arse. In the meantime we have their hot new track 'Legend Of The Keeper' to rock hard, which is featured on Internet Piracy Records Compilation Vol. 1.

Street Justice is exploring and evolving his craft with each new track and on his new work we're treated to a wonderfully lavish journey into synthual pleasures. 'Your Memories Are Fabrications' takes a slow and calculated approach that allows for all manner of deftly implemented nuances to add layers of intrigue to the experience. Currently available for FREE download, rock it while you can.

Time to get a bit cosmic in this week's Weekend Update courtesy of Falconhoof and his new Space Synth adventure 'Breaking Orbit'. The drama ramps up higher through each act as each synth stab moves in time with the cosmic pulse of outer space. The final conclusion to this piece is sure to have you breaking your earthly bonds and ascending into void above.

The crossover with 80s inspired synth and vaporwave is something I'm very excited about. How these elemental forces will cross over and become something all together new piques my interest greatly. We get to experience shades of this in Wulf new kick arse piece 'Beach Cruisin' 85'. The lion's share of the experience is rife with sunlit energies and bright, energetic percussion while a hazy vapor infused ending completes things. Very nice work indeed.

Glass Apple Bonzai has returned with a rad new song 'My Alliance To Science'. This ode to man's investigative knowledge is spectacularly articulate and the song writing is right on point for classic mid 80s pop rockin. This producer really does create terrific 80s homages and that he's included an extended 12" mix of the track as the B side endears me even more to his work. You can pick this up via the player at a name-your-own-price point on Bandcamp and I encourage everyone to dig deep and support the Glass Apple Bonzai project.

Mullet Records continues to fly the 80s flag with their latest sing from Joeblack featuring Robin S called 'Show Me Love'. The production is slick and lusciously 80s with funky synths and imploringly soulful vocals. The late 80s funk synth pop soul burns bright and strong in this great song and you can pick up a copy exclusively via Juno Download here.

KFDDA is rockin a delightfully lush atmosphere in his latest piece 'ゾラドメイン (Zola Domein)'. The uncluttered approach to the layers of synths allow for rolling melodies to flow gently through rivers of melody in buoyant seas that crest and fall with natural power. It's a captivating experience from beginning to end and is also available for FREE download via the track's soundcloud page.

The atmospheric tones are also strong in the latest track from Kick Puncher. This rocker really creates a full and exciting experience in his new track 'Third Sun'. The drama is ever present while he elucidates finer details in the snappy lead melodies. A rich narrative drives the track into refined set pieces that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Our video feature for this week's Weekend Update is a superb work of editing by Jean-Pierre Van Damme that fuses the electrified rock energy of Jon Of The Shred and the Australian classic Mad Max 2. The final stages of Mad Max 2 are perfectly cut with Jon Of The Shred's 'The Chase Begins', maling for a high impact rock and roll extravaganza of violence and mayhem!

Jon of the Shred - The Chase Begins from Jean-Pierre Van Damme on Vimeo.

That does us for this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back during the week with more hot tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene. 'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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