Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kasia's Secret Diary

Kasia is back with another trio of reminiscences from her secret diary. Let's share in some more of her favourite musical memories from now and then with a new instalment of Kasia's Secret Diary.

Monday, 24th June, 2013

Le Cassette - Tokyo  Blues

Dear Tokyo Blues,

I wanted to ask if you believe in love ?

Because I do believe... and it's all because of you.

The moment when you discover that you fell in love with something

But it is hard to catch the time when it really happened... something like a love at first sight
It's not easy to find this feeling in real life but with you it was so natural...

Like I've been waiting for you all my life

It's hard to even imagine that you are not with me.. I am sure you have no idea how much you mean to me and how many great things you brought to my life

You let me discover a world I did not know before

All these magic moments I spent with you are priceless

I am here because of you. I wanted to thank you for being my inspiration...for being there for me when I needed you

And for making me fall in love with music again.

Sunday, 8th December, 2013

C-60 - Night Cruiser

I can't imagine a better company for my night cruises

The emptiness, the dark space around me 
and you being the only light in the darkness.

Nothing can stop us...only sky is the limit

I just love when your are talking to me like this... everything around me disappear

Like I don't need anything else in this world just to feel that I am alive

Did I tell you that you are absolutely amazing?

How many great emotions can you actually hide inside yourself?

You surprise me more and more with every single note

I always find something new in you that amazes me

You are my never ending journey.

Friday, 14th March, 2014

Abelard - Teenage Movie - Ending Credits

Whenever I'm with you I feel like I was back in high school!

The good old times

Everything was innocent, simple and beautiful

Even the bad things were not exactly so bad at the time

First love, first kiss, first broken heart, first disappointment...

We had these big dreams and great visions of how our lives will look like in the future

Your music reminds me of them and makes me smile

Yes.. a big smile appears on my face

All these good and bad things made us who we are now

Maybe our life is not like we thought it will be but nothing happens without a reason

With every sound of your music I'm more and more sure that there is still something big waiting for us...

It's only important to find it and see it and then not to miss it.

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