Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Myrone And His Guitars Of Distinction

I'm back and rockin on Synthetix.FM and returning with one of my favourite releases thus far of 2014. Myrone's debut EP has been one of my most hotly anticipated and he's delivered one hell of a rockin good time. This producer has already cemented his sound and aesthetic with brute force and astute technical proficiency in harnessing 80s elements and wrangling them into incredible new forms.

The combinations of new and old presented in this EP are most unlike anything else I've heard from producers channeling 80s sounds and emotions as the driving spirit. This is purely golden music that one feels as much as hears and with all but one bewildering exception, this EP is totally rockin to the max.

The bewildering moment I'm speaking of occurs in the opening track of the EP, which is a collaborative effort with Voyageur entitled 'Gorgeous'. I'll put it flatly that I don't get this track, or its context as an opening track. There's little in this piece that is revisited at any other time on this release bar the absolutely mind shredding solo that occurs towards the back end. I can't help but think this track would be better placed elsewhere in the track listing, but I respect Myrone for his inventiveness and diversity presented in 'Gorgeous', regardless of my own predilections.

The EP really takes flight with the second track 'Victory Theme' which was also the first track Myrone shared and the one that made me instantly fall in love with his sound. The parts of 'Victory Theme' can be isolated and explained as to why they work so incredibly well together, but this takes the impact away from such a perfect blend of 80s sounds and emotions. This is the purest montage music you'll hear outside of the 80s themselves and is thoroughly exciting and inspiring for its duration.

I always wondered where Myrone could 'go' from such a brazenly golden track and the answer came with the following piece 'The Pump Master'. Synths and guitars get a slick layer of sleaze drizzled over them as yearning melodies and sensual rhythms combine. The arrangements swagger in an unhurried manner to extract every single drop of pure rock essence with just enough modern tricks to keep you on the edge of your seat in exhilarating anticipation.

The 'anthem' is something that Myrone can create with absolute aplomb, something that each melody is drenched in. Guitar riffs that make you stand to attention and demand you to salute are part of the Myrone magic and 'Exclusive Coupe' will get all your flags waving with vigour and passion as the sleek melodies are caressed along neon coastlines. The power is immense, the elegance unparalleled and the rockin unstoppable.

Taking the EP into a wonderfully lush new pasture is '61' with Myrone moving into a bluesier mode that gives even more swell and power to his astoundingly kick arse guitar work. The mid point break down of this piece would do Vince DiCola proud and is a marvellous display of Myrone's songwriting talents. '61' has a richly developed narrative that builds and evolves before your very eyes as colours and passages of incredibly beautiful music rock you harder and harder.

'Are My Emotions Real?' finishes off the experience and does so in a manner that again shifts into a new direction that excites in electric new ways. Soulfully smooth guitars play off against some very inventive percussion that provides a marvellously entertaining contrast. Huge crescendos of sound crush like pounding waves on a remote beach as passions are taken beyond the point of no return as earthly pleasures become uncontrollable. The melody twinkles like starlight in a warm afterglow as Myrone bids us farewell, for now.

Myrone presents his self titled debut EP on his Bandcamp page here and I am elated that this release takes what I previously loved about Myrone's sound and then explores some exemplary new dimensions. The opening track I can take or leave, but the rest of this EP is absolutely some of the most kick arse guitar driven synth music I've heard, ever. Synthetix.FM very, very highly recommends this release and I hope Myrone keeps on rockin for the duration as I for one am definitely a lifetime fan.

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