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Synthetix Weekend Update

Welcome back to another synthtastic Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. Some news first up as Mike 'Who Ha' Mendoza is releasing a new issue of Retro Promenade on April 1st featuring among other interviews and reviews a very interesting panel style discussion I've taken part of. I'm sure Mike wants to keep it all under wraps until the launch, but please head on over to the Retro Promenade Facebook page and follow super rockin project. I'll hopefully be part of next week's episode of Synthwave Sundays with Marko Maric with any luck too, make sure you tune into this very rockin show every week for lots of hot tunes and great interviews with all the scene's raddest talent.

Now it's time take take off with this week's Weekend Update, so pull back the throttle and get AIRBORNE!


Foreign Blade - Foreign Blade EP - The first EP from Foreign Blade has been unleashed and this five track EP is full of tension and drama with refined soundtrack synth tunes breaking into high energy synth explosions. The canvas Foreign Blade creates on is expansive and full of beautiful melodies and futuristic aesthetics.

Jon Of The Shred - Circuit Board Lunacy - Rockin the retro action with guitar driven synth suites is the hot new release from Jon Of The Shred. This artist continues his path of 80s enlightenment over an eight track album that contains nods to many classic horror and sci fi soundtracks while his trademark riffs and solos slice and dice with rocktacular power. Jon's combination of synths strings and guitars is something not for the faint of heart and creates an atmosphere most unlike anything else.

Evanton - Feels Right - The Italo Electro stylings of Evanton are back with a vengeance in their latest release Feels Right. The structure are painted with neon pinks and magentas as vibrant break beats and disco melodies mix with a robotic futurism. The nine tracks cover some bolder new territory for the duo, especially on 'Penthouse Funk' and the electro breakin' rampage of 'In The Subway (Main Mix).

Cougar Synth - 2013 - My own love for Cougar Synth's magnificent Synth Romance sounds grows with every new track they release and this week they've released an album compiling all their work from 2013 into one package. There are so many favourites in here, it's a wonderful reflection on their musical journey thus far and should be in every 80s synth lover's music collection.


First rocker on the block for the Weekend Update this week is Worldwild with their totally kickin new song 'Runaway Street'. High drama courtesy of dangerous synth melodies and impassioned vocals set the tone for this great blend of old and new soundscapes. I think the levels are a little bit out of whack but the song is still hugely impressive. You can download this track FREE currently via the player on soundcloud.

Vector Hold is back for 2014 with killer new track entitled 'Dangerously Close'. The music is full of energy and slick melodies with a great classic video-game style bassline sound that totally rocks, currently this track is available for FREE download.  Be sure to pick up a copy Vector Hold's awesome Mechanized LP too which came out whilst Synthetix.FM was on holiday break, but is is a superb release in it's own right. Grab your copy of Mechanized via Aphasia Records Bandcamp page here.

Qback's digging deep into emotive melodic explorations in his wonderfully rich new track 'RetroRemember'. The refrain is light as air while exuding a powerful aural magic and the dancing complimentary leads create even more bewitching light forms. This delightfully intimate excursion is currently available for FREE download.

A new band for Synthetix.FM is Straktobeam and their new song 'Midnight Run'. The live drums and duelling synth leads create a highly involving ambience that combines 70s progressive and early 80s pop synth sounds spectacularly well. The experience is highly involving with vocals and samples working the dramatic passages exceptionally well. Also available now for FREE download.

It's always a rockin week when RF Extreme shares a new track and this week is no exception. 'Megaton' takes RF Extreme's style into dangerous situations and the narrative becomes a countdown to extinction. The pacing and structure on this piece as a perfect as it gets with every element feeling so natural and effortlessly created.

Nowtro's homage to the untold pleasures of human/robot sexual congress is certainly arousing in many aspects, not the least of which being the majestically soaring lead melody which radiates love drenched energies across its path in the sky.  'Lover Robot' is a great example of using more modern movie samples within the context of 80s themed music as well.

I have a bit of  an 'unwritten rule' with Weekend Updates where I endeavour to avoid posting the same producer more than two or three weeks in a row. That rule gets cast to the seven winds with much disdain when it comes to Manolis however. Every new track this artist releases is another high water mark for his music and 'You and I' continues this amazing trend. Manolis's talent seemingly knows no bounds as this track creates even more stupendously gorgeous 80s magic channeling just that right amount of Wham!'s 'All She Wants' mixed in with that rad Manolis magic. Like his other opuses it's available for FREE download too.

Time for some killer Italo for the Weekend Update and where better to get that glowing Italo Disco feeling than from Super Magic Records. 'Return To Reality' is full of classic Italo sounds and driven by an uplifting melody that hooks deep and never lets go. Beautifully vintage production finishes the experience perfectly.

Lets get some testosterone pumping and the sweat of passion flowing with the hot new track from Muscle; the searingly sexual 'Feel The Steel'. The bump and thrust of the rolling melodies create sensual energies that build and build to fever pitch over and over again. The drenched afterglow is the ultimate reward for effort by it's completion.

Some very engaging synthscapes up next from Shklovsky & Pale Blue dot with their new track 'Madonna'. The percussion is huge and powerful, with an undeniable presence but the slow moving melodic parts, especially the sax towards the end of the piece, add much contrast to the experience. This track is currently available for download via their Facebook page here also.

Ilya Santana is rockin some smooth vibes on his new track 'Disco Panorama' which is the A side of his new physical released available on gorgeous pink vinyl on Porn Wax Volume 7 here. Backed with cosmic disco synth of 'Magic Words' this sumptuous package of quality vintage sounds.

Stallone Jones is certainly expanding his musical horizons in his new track 'Burst Of Colour'. Raucous live drums power a synth layered engine room the has a distinctly progressive presence about it. The arrangements are engineered for great builds and explosive impacts. There are a great deal of interesting nuances throughout this track and as if this wasn't enough Stallone Jones also shared another track in 'Night Patrol' this week which is cut from a very different vintage, but no less engaging, cloth.

Although not technically as 80s as a lot of the music I share on Synthetix.FM a new Fear Of Tigers release is a rather auspicious occasion. This producer was rockin the early days of the first wave of 80s inspired synth and has returned with a great new track that is packed with Fear Of Tigers magic and is an instant throwback to those heady days of 2009-10. Lots of golden 80s sounds and energies are woven into this cacophonous orgy of high energy synthscapes. Currently available for FREE download we can only hope this is the first of many new tracks from Fear Of Tigers that was alluded to last year.

Lastly for this week's Weekend Update we have one the single most rocking promo trailers I'm yet to bear witness to. Coming soon is a new short film from the creative talents of the midnight laser warriors themselves NIGHTSATAN and writer/director CHRZU. Entitled NIGHTSATAN And The Loops Of Doom this is going to be one hell of a short film if this trailer is anything to go by. Many thanks to Dr Pecco for enlightening me to this stunning piece of auteur cinema.

That does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I hope you've found some great new music to make your weekend rock that 80s love just a little bit more.

I'll be back during the week with more exciting music from the 80s inspired synth scene, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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