Saturday, March 22, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

Another massive week in the 80s inspired synth scene comes to an end and it's time to get caught up on  some of the highlights and recent happenings in the Synthetix Weekend Update!

Many readers have probably already heard this already, but I had the honour of being interviewed be Marko Maric on Synthwave Sundays last week. If you feel so inclined you can listen to the episode here and listen to me carry on about all manner of things related to the 80s inspired synth scene and a bit about the history of Synthetix.FM in general. I'll also be doing a weekly segment on Synthwave Sundays beginning next week too, which I hope adds to Marko's already stellar format. Many thanks to Marko and RPG for kickin it live and rockin the scene!

Big news from Telefuture Records this week as they've begun a new KickStarter campaign to secure more funding for some killer future projects, including more all important cassette releases! The campaign is all about taking Telefuture Records to the next-level and expanding in all kinds of exciting ways. The first of these is the spectacular new compilation Eternalist, which is available to listen to here on Bandcamp but donating to the Kickstarter project gives you a download of this wonderful compilation.  This killer release features new and exclusive tracks from Le Cassette, Vincenzo Salvia, Arcade High, Perturbator, Betamaxx, Protector101, Collins and many more Synthetix.FM favourites!

I'm very excited to be a part of this with the final tier reward being a customised 80s boombox designed by myself so you can rock all your killer Telefuture cassettes in the raddest way possible. There are a tonne of other rockin rewards listed on the page and I hope everyone in the scene digs deep and rocks this campaign harder than a melonfarmer!

Now it's time to take off to adventure with some of the scene's high flying superstars so pull back the throttle hard and get AIRBORNE!

Garth Knight - K.A.R.R. - Garth Knight has just unleashed the K.A.R.R. LP featuring lots of his classic tracks from the last year along with some new gems to keep them company. Many, many Synthetix.FM favourites are on this release and it continues Garth Knight's wonderfully vivid adventures in 80s funk synth as well as some fantastic other endeavours in retro sounds. This is your chance to pick up a whole bunch of great rockin action in one killer release.

WLDV (We Love Dolce Vita) - Night Blast  - WLDV are forging a heated love affair with Italo Synth sounds in the rockin new EP Night Blast. The homage to the classic 80s sounds is as diverse as Italo Synth itself with more 70s oriented disco tracks sitting suggestively well besides Space Disco sounds and emotionally driven atmospheric pieces. The four tracks presented on Night Blast are all rockin to the max and will be sure to get you feeling that warm, golden Italo synth magic.

Jordan F - Freefall - The return of Jordan F has finally arrived with the release of his new five track Freefall EP. I will be the first to admit I wasn't at all taken with the first single off this EP (Falling Like Diamonds) but the other tracks on this release have definitely kept Jordan F's 80s rockin as a driving force. 'The Void' and 'What We Believe' are absolutely kick arse tracks and the other chapters of the EP are full of revitalised 80s emotions with contemporary elements balanced throughout.

Das Mortal - Naissance d'un Zombie - Das Mortal is a new rocker to Synthetix.FM and he's definitely going to be well at home with his superb new soundtrack release for Naissance d'un Zombie. Although short in length, each piece conjures up much atmosphere and 'Exercise 1' and '2' really get things moving. This will be the soundtrack to the Nathaniel Pesant student film, of which I'm now champing at the bit to see. This great homage to the classic horror and sci-fi scores of the 80s contains some audible direct inspirations from modern producers too, I'm sure I heard a hint of Tommy in 'La Drogue'. This release can also be purchased via Bandcamp here.


Let's open things up with some some marvellous music from The Northern Lights and their new track 'Elevation'. Part New Order, part Cure but all rockin this epic piece is full of 80s emotions and resonates deeply with its echoing melodies and subtle details. The space created is both massive and intimate at the same time, magical music indeed.

There is something about the new Janxen track 'Flightexcite 1.0' transfixing. The melodies are pure late 70s space synth magic while the overlays of dischordant sounds and highly treated vocals give an other-worldly presence to the pice. Fascinating to listen to and currently available for FREE download.

Fantastisizer is back after a three month hiatus (from sharing music on soundcloud, at least) with a hot new rockin piece of retro synth called 'The Changeling'. Melodies are full of mystery and pronounced fear as the music weaves its way in and out of our world. Very ethereal in its structure but also engaging, it has been well worth the wait for hot new Fantastisizer action.

HOME- is back again on Synthetix.FM with another great new track called 'A New Speed Of Light'. Opting for a highly muted aural canvas to work from and a stuttering structure to the percussion the melodies are allowed to rise like wisps of smoke through a glowing fire. This track is currently available for FREE download.

Continuing this introspective mood is MoweLan and his delightful new piece of atmospheric synth music 'The Last Hour'. The narrative is luxuriously crafted with a spareness to the synthscape that allows each instrument to extract rich emotional depth. This track is only available for FREE download for the next two weeks so rock it while it's hot.

Robert Parker just keeps on rockin and upping the ante with every new piece he shares and on his latest track, 'Eight Hour Drive' we're taken into new territory as Robert brings vocals into the synthscape. The aesthetic is haunting and adds much to the intimate ambience of Robert Parker's usually instrumental tracks. I hope he continues this theme as his songwriting is some of the scene's finest and to branch into vocally oriented experiences is definitely and exciting progression.

Hugo Rancho is back and rockin the 80s seaside dreams with his smooth as silk shore break anthem 'Echo Beach'. The structure sound and feel very liquid in their natures, ebbing and flowing with grace and power while allowing fragile melodic nuances to ripple elegantly on the surface. Utterly entrancing.

One my most favourite rockers in the scene is back with another gem of solid 80s gold. Chaconne's style of 80s synth always has an edge of classy refinement to it, I'm not sure if this is due to his perfectly tuned instrumentations or the highly refined structures, or more than likely it's the combination of the two. Every Chaconne experience thus far is k-rad to the max and 'Beach Scene' continues this trend. This is track is available at a name-your-own-price point on his Bandcamp page here.

Moving from the beach to the strip mall we next have SuperVox's sexy new Italo excursion 'Video Shop'. The light and breezy nature of the melodies keep spirits high and colourful while the bassline bounces with an energising zest. SuperVox has rocked us yet again with this track and he's also made it available for FREE download.

Kruiser shared a very engaging track this week called 'Before Midnight' and it really captured my attention. The slow, deliberate pace ushers in all manner of unsettling yet uplifting passages. Instruments are used like weapons but still summon comforting and enlightening sections where the danger seems a million miles away. This is a highly entertaining construct that displays Kruiser has much songwriting talent.

On the subject of great songwriting talent we have the totally rockin new track from Compilerbau up next. This producer's really kicked into high gear of late with hot new tracks surfacing with alarming regularity. With 'Dead Planet' Compilerbau takes the darkness of alien worlds to new dimensions of terror as melodies tear and rip through the void with echoing presence. The atmosphere is dense and unrelenting with percussive details creating thunderclaps in the lightning storm engulfs the alien sky. You can pick up a copy of 'Dead Planet' via Compilerbau's Bandcamp page here.

Taking a somewhat experimental path this time around we find RF Extreme marching a road less travelled in his new track 'Go The Distance Reach The Top'. The energy in this track is fierce and incredibly vital with the music feeling completely alive. The narrative moves into calmer climes that echo deep into the synthscape before the final push for a glorious end sequence.

Foreign Blade has a highly entertaining dalliance with the world of high fashion in his new track 'The Photo Shoot'. The pace is frenetic and full of dynamism as flashes fire and beauty is capture, frame by sumptuous frame. Guitars shred and synths add smooth pastel colours to the vibrant synthscape. 'The Photo Shoot' is currently available for FREE download.

Our video feature for this week's Weekend Update comes from James Mann and his video for Modular 1981's track 'Solaris'. Using vision from the highly underrated 80s sci-fi western, Outland, this  provides the perfect accompaniment to the cosmic synth energies of 'Solaris'.

That does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I hope you've found some great new music to make your weekend rock those 80s colours just a little bit more.

I'll be back during the week with more exciting music from the 80s inspired synth scene, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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