Saturday, March 15, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

Welcome to another rockin Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. Firstly I'd like to apologise for the lack of updates during the week. I managed to develop an inner ear issue last week that made attentively listening to music incredibly frustrating to the point of distraction. It's nearly all cleared up now, thankfully, but for the last week I've had to rely on the Synthetix.FM Plug.DJ room to provide some background music to keep my sanity from disappearing entirely.

One other thing I'd like to get out in the open is that MPM/Multipac has officially disappeared again, possibly for good this time. The news of this started getting around in late January when his presence started disappearing from the internet. I normally wouldn't make a point of writing about this kind of thing on Synthetix.FM as I don't want to be one to start rumor mongering or sensationalising things but this is not the first time MPM has done this, but it might be the last. For many of us, MPM's music has been some of the most wondrous 80s homages ever made but he was always his own hardest critic and never seemed satisfied with anything he made.

Whatever the case, I wish MPM much happiness and fulfilment in his future endeavours, wherever and whatever they may be. The 80s inspired synth scene is richer and more beautiful thanks to his music and that legacy is something we can all respect. Keep on rockin, MPM.

Let's look to the skies now and get ready for take off with this week's AIRBORNE releases!


Cluster Buster - They Call Her One Eye - Cluster Buster knows how to rock the 80s with a hard edge of pulsating synth energies and his latest record focuses that energy and refines the Cluster Buster experience even further. Using the classic exploitation flick as direct inspiration the synthscapes are drawn from a rockin videogame-esque palette that makes the action blazingly intense. I can help but think of numerous bullet hell shooters and high speed futuristic racing games when listening to this record, which is no bad thing at all!

Jupiter 8 - Vice Squad - Jupiter 8 has been on the Synthetix.FM radar for a month or so and he's been releasing a number of EP's that have caught my interest but with his new Vice Squad (and don't forget Vice Squad Part II) he's taken his sounds to another level. The arrangements are vibrant and full of 80s colours and his melodies have taken on a lustre of neon 80s wonder too. These two soundtrack oriented releases are right on point for a night time stake out in sultry midsummer Miami.

AloneWolf - The Way Of The Wolf - AloneWolf has returned to the scene with a new sound and a new five track EP to mark his territory. The pieces on this record have a much more introspective nature to them as atmospheric synthscapes illustrate contemplative ideas; with a tendency towards the vast unknowns. Definitely a new phase for the AloneWolf experience and one that is very worthy of your attention.

Babylon 86 - Only At Night  - That latest EP from Babylon 86 entitled Only At Night boasts five tracks of 80s themed retro sounds. Cut from a similar cloth to early Futurecop! sounds there is distinct modern aspect to the tone of many of the pieces that are then lit by glorious 80s aural neon. The stand out track for me is definitely 'Vision' with Josie Malone providing a superb vocal performance.


No better place to start the Weekend Update than with rockin new track from Phaserland: 'Jack Burton's Way'. Big Trouble In Little China will always provide much inspiration for modern day producers and Phaserland has created a stellar homage to this classic exponent of 80s auteur cinema, complete with powerful piano passages and kick arse guitars rockin the scene in equal measure. This track is available on Phaserland's Bandcamp page here at a name-your-own-price point.

Waveshaper's new track is certainly knows how to build some serious intensity. 'Mission Failed' contain an ominous atmosphere that evolves into a fiery spectacular. The melodies are slow and elegant but are betrayed by the underlying panic just waiting to explode beneath the surface.

And speaking of synths on the verge of combustion we have a totally kick arse new high energy track from KFDDA up next. 'Chrome Beach' speeds along with a devil may care attitude that ignites in full OutRun glory. The lead melody is as catchy as it is streamlined for maximum performance.

What Compilerbau describes as an 'production test' I view as a work of wondrous beauty. With his new track 'Fabienne' we're treated to some exciting new sounds, particularly in the bass work that really ties the experience together  in a luxuriously 80s manner. Totally rockin and currently available for FREE download.

Street Justice is taking off to battle the robotic hordes with his latest piece 'Mechwarrior'. Synths sparkle and dazzle with melodies climbing and diving with fantastic dexterity and the percussion track provides   dangerous flurries of lead and lasers amidst the chaotic battlefield.

Robert Parker's synthscapes seem to have a refinement all their own as his melodic structures contain such delicate nuances while remaining so true to 80s emotions. In 'Jet Set' we take off to high adventure  in a spectacularly drawn out piece that is paced to perfection. Four minutes in heaven right here.

Taking the trip from heaven to hell is Dan Terminus's hot new slab of Slash Electro violence 'Restless Destroyer'. Intensifying melodies burn hot and without mercy while powerhouse percussion marches into oblivion. Dan Terminus keep just enough 80s moods in this piece to keep it from exploding entirely and there's even a decidedly 70s progressive influenced passage slotted in to add even more radness to the experience.

Mild Peril's rockin some fantastic inspirations on new three track EP 'Excalibur'. The space motif brings in cosmic synths of celestial powers that combine with  more earthly tones. The three tracks in the EP (available on Bandcamp here at a name-your-own-price point) are full of great ideas that travers vast amounts of time and space with 80s and 70s elements given extra dimensional powers from beings beyond our comprehension.

This week finds John Sparxx getting all romantic with his new glossy love theme aptly titled 'Love'. Slow and sensuous melodies intimate deep affection and rise and fall with deep breaths of passion. It's pure Synth Romance with a bright enthusiastic presence. You can pick up a copy of this track on John Sparxx Bandcamp page here at a name-your-own-price point.

Expanding even more on this theme is Timecop1983 with his beautiful new track 'Looking Back'. Swirling, passionate synths caress while the heart beat of the drums resonates deeply within. Timecop1983 really is one of the true artists in this genre of 80s inspired synth, he allows every nuance to be divulged and understood and makes music that is truly magical. This gorgeous track is available for FREE download currently too.

It's been said of late that vaporwave is dead, in a truly post-modernist manner some would say it died the day it had a name. All such theories aside, vaporwave continues to keep on rockin and has begun taking on new evolutionary forms. The new track from HOME- gives some vivid new colours to the vaporwave aesthetic which I find very engaging. If this kind of music piques your interest, perhaps a tranquility calibration is in order?

More stunning aural beauty from Manolis next up! For those out there wondering why Manolis hasn't been picked up by a label yet it's because he wants to remain independent and release his music for free for all to enjoy. This producer wins my hear for not only his incredibly moving music but also for his public spirited nature. 'Vintage Erotica' find Manolis moving into some salacious Synth Erotica zones and totally rockin it all the way. As with all Manolis's work, this available for FREE download.

Destroyah is channelling all manner of dark arts in his new track 'Dead Wrong'. A glacial juggernaut of melodies drifts into view amid some kick arse voice 'samples' of his own glorious creation. The soundtrack to the trailer to the movie of a nightmare yet to be experienced! You can pick this up for FREE download currently too.

A new one for Kille & Citizen next titled '((1985))'. The nostalgia is turned up to maximum in this track  which brings to mind many great experiences from the 2009/10 era of 80s inspired synth sounds. The modern elements are just rockin enough to keep the energy levels high but it's the dreamy 80s lead melodies that make all the magic happen.

The Pure Secks experience draws in many interesting and divergent themes (as it should!) and in Sins Of The Past we get to rock some of the most vital of these with much fervour and reward. Melodies pool and mix like colourful liquids and then charge up with incandescent glowing colours of both 80s and modern sounds. Beyond all definitions, this track just plain kick arse and is also available for FREE download currently.

Chrome Brulee's Kiss The Huss Volume 2 is almost upon us and they've released another amazing promo video to hype it up even further. Totally rockin to the max, these guys are the masters of making video teasers that hit all the right 80s notes. Head on over too and join the countdown to the launch of this most rad of releases.

That does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I hope you've found some great new music to make your weekend rock that 80s love just a little bit more. I'll be back during the week with more exciting music from the 80s inspired synth scene, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.


  1. Any news on the new Tokyo Rose EP it came out on Tuesday & its killer!

  2. Planning to review ti during the week.

  3. Is there a way to purchase tracks by MPM? Sadly I'm quite new to the synthwave genre so I discovered his music just when he disappeared (again). Apart from some youtube videos all of his music seems to have vanished, didn't find anything on soundcloud, bandcamp and the like.