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Synthetix Weekend Update

It's the first Weekend Update for March on Synthetix.FM! Two months of the year are already gone and we've already seen a huge amount of quality music come out from the 80s inspired synth scene. This week we've got hot rockin tracks from both new and established producers so strap yourself in and get ready for take off! Time to get airborne!


Apollo Zapp - Laser Tits - Apollo Zapp's new EP is rockin up some sexxxy Italo vibes courtesy of Future City Records. Great vibes on this EP as the hooks come as fast and powerful as the suavely performed vocals. Five kick arse original tracks and three remixes of the title track by Shio-Z, Botnit and Vincenzo Salvia make this a must-have release.

Alpha Boy - Robert Abel - Alpha Boy's back with a very impressive new release inspired by work of creative visionary Robert Abel. The sounds are some of Alpha Boys most experimental yet and the atmospheric and ambiant pieces are magically engrossing, especially 'Quasar',  'Black Hole' and the Kubrick-esque 'Can You Hear That'.

Ian Deaton - Atlanta Crime Wave - In this album Ian Deaton has crafted an incredibly deep and rewarding listening experience in quality Soundtrack Synth music. The compositions make up detailed set pieces and are all tied together by the overriding concept of his own vision of the classic 80s cop action movie. Some really incredible pieces on here, with '90 Down Moreland' and 'Buford Hwy 2am' being my favourites.

LA Dreams - Mirrors - The modern day master of emotionally driven 80s synth sounds is back with another album packed with gorgeous melodies and synthillating soundscapes. The LA Dreams sound expands into even more ideas on this record and tracks like 'Ready To Rumble', 'Silk Stalking' and 'Let's Party' really convey that beautifully vibrant LA Dreams Magic oh so delightfully well.


Lets open up the Weekend Update with some some smooth space synth from FLIGHTWAVE and his cosmic new piece 'Jade Rabbit 86'. This homage to the beleaguered moon explorer is the perfect blend of asian mysticisms in the melodies and expansive lunar synthscapes. Currently available for FREE download.

MegaDrive keeps the Eastern thematic rockin with his new track 'The Street Fighter'. The music pounds with intensity as samples from the martial arts classic The Street Fighter punctuate each chapter of synth violence. A wonderful homage indeed and currently available for FREE download.

Zonic Zynth is experimenting with all kinds of killer sounds in his new piece 'Dreamarized', 90s elements work through the percussion but the Zonic funk synth keeps the 80s feelings rockin. The overall atmosphere is hazy and full of echoing reverberations and entrancing as it bounces along. Make sure you check out Zonic's kick arse Hollywood Synthphonies album from last year too as it certainly slipped under my radar, it's full of rockin Zonic Zynth action that is sure to get your pulse racing.

Back this week with another killer tune is Kruiser and his high energy thrill ride 'Anger'. The structure of this piece is amazingly well crafted as each suite alludes to different emotional spaces. I simply adore the back end to this track which has a powerful afterglow that contrasts the early intensified chapters beautifully. This track is currently available for FREE download currently too.

Although not strictly 80s in the most pure of senses, the new Robots With Rayguns track is positively bursting with quality 80s elements and repackaged into a modern explosion of energetic action. 'Rhythm Test' is a great mix of the old, the new and the timelessly rockin. This track is available for purchase on RWR's Bandcamp page here.

Moving at high speed into the dark horizon we find Danger Mode kicking up dust and leaving a wake of death in his path with his new piece 'Killers'. This slow-motion OutRun adventure is fraught with menace and suspense and thoroughly enthralling from beginning to end.

Taking away the panic and allowing for some smooth synthual caresses is the superb new jam from Babylon 86 titled 'Sunset'. Slowly building to an energetic, funky atmosphere the music is a magical blend of both subtle and more forthright instrumentations. Emotionally uplifting in every way.

Another great track from She Said (Judge Dredd) cropped up this week in 'Sex And Data'. Strong melodies escalate the mood into sensual realms full of lusting technologies and futuristic delights. The layers of instruments rise and fall in time with heaving bodies doused in electrified ecstasy.

A new producer to Synthetix.FM is Apex 86 and I've instantly become a devotee of his kick arse sounds. In 'Climax' we're taken into salacious midnight rendezvous with pumping basslines allowing the provocative synth melodies to take flight. Apex 86 also shared another great track in 'Hot Nights', both tracks you can pick up on his Bandcamp page here. Many thanks to scene legend Jarred Hageman for enlightening me to Apex 86.

I recently decided that Manolis is the most underrated and under appreciated artist in the 80s inspired synth scene. His sounds are incredibly well written and each track contains such beautifully individual nuances. It baffles me entirely that he hasn't been picked up by a label yet as Manolis promises to be one of the future leaders of the 80s inspired synth scene. You only need to experience his latest tack 'Datacorder' to feel the Manolis Magic, and it's also currently available for FREE download.

Future Holotape are back with a killer new synth pop tune titled 'Replicant'. This duo are really perfecting their craft in each new track and the songwriting and 80s influences are stepped up even further in this new song. There's a lot to love, from the impassioned vocals to the lead synth melodies, the rockin just doesn't stop.

Resting on their laurels is apparently not a part of the Compilerbau work ethic as after just releasing the spectacular Tachyon album Rudolf has now gone out and invented a phenomenal new genre that I hope develops further. This new take on classical music done with 80s sounds and styles is absolutely rockin to the max and I'm sure will spark new inspirations and synthscapes in the future. This homage is the perfect evolution of similar 70s and early 80s revisions of classical sounds and 'Fragments Of Back 1' proves there is still much fertile ground to grow new and imaginative sounds from.

This week's Electro Breakin anthem is brought to you by Neon Vandal with his body poppin sex anthem 'L.A Nights'. Channelling all the right influences from Afrika Bambataa to Paul Hardcastle this track is just pure electric energy served with a side of sensuality.

It brings me immense pleasure to bring Myrone into the Synthetix.FM universe. Very, very few producers in the scene have fully utilised 80s guitars in the sounds to their fullest potential but in 'Victory Theme (They Said Our Love Couldn't Be Done)' Myrone does this with aplomb and attitude. The rockin is taken to astronomically awesome levels as each riff and solo pulses with 80s inspiration and emotional power. Easily one of my favourite tracks of the year thus far and I can't wait for Myrone to rock my world again. This work of absolute magic is available for FREE download currently and make sure you check out the kick arse video for this track here too.

Chrome Brulee set off all kinds of buzz last year when they came out of nowhere with one of the best promo videos ever that set the 80s inspired synth scene on fire. Their limited release of Kiss The Hiss Volume 1 with only small numbers of cassettes available for purchase and no digital download meant that a lot of people missed out on their rockin tunes though. With Kiss The Hiss Volume 2 coming out at some stage this year they've released a short little teaser alluding to some radical Italo Synth vibes. Synthetix.FM will be following the next phase of the Chrome Brulee experience very closely!

Our final piece for this week's Weekend Update is the marvellous new video Dark Souls II: Rogue Warrior featuring the music of Protector 101 and Zero Call. This gives the 80s Saturday Morning Cartoon treatment to the extremely masochistic Dark Souls II video game from the creative talents of animator extraordinaire Veselekov.  Totally rockin.

That does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I hope you've found some great new music to make your weekend rock that 80s love just a little bit more.

I'll be back during the week with more exciting music from the 80s inspired synth scene, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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