Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Golden Age Of Cobra Copter

Cobra Copter has been one of the rising stars on the scene for more than a few months now and with the release of debut EP his music is demanding you to sit up and take notice. The real magic of Cobra Copter is his understanding of classic 80s melodies. I often say that a melody 'sounds 80s' and the concept can seem very esoteric and ambiguous but one needs only listen to Cobra Copter's The Golden Age EP to understand what I'm talking about.

80s inspired synth music hangs on these bright, catchy and emotive melodies at the music's essence. These are the hooks that energise and contain the spirit of the decade. One can have as much vintage equipment in hardware or software as they like but it is the understanding of the 80s melodic structures that makes these instruments sing. This is one of Cobra Copter's huge strong points and what drives The Golden Age experience so eloquently.

Following the studio ID style intro, complete with opening mood-setting credits Cobra Copter begins the adventure with 'Vegas Nights'. Instantly Faltermeyer-esque melodies begin to dance and pirouette in an aural moonwalk which builds with the perfect blend of accents and structures. This producer always keeps his synthscapes uncomplicated and sparse and in doing so allows for a copious amounts of melodic intimacy that draws the listener in via slight nuances and carefully chosen accents. Cobra Copter never lets the melody get lost or watered down, which is consistent through all the compositions on this EP.

'Rebel Heart' begins to lead the direction into a much more dramatic atmosphere before a refrain of purest action bravado takes over. Slightly more modern techniques are used to accentuate the mood, adding mystery and then a sexy female lead to the ensemble cast. Cobra Copter often employs the classic technique of fading the melody out before reprising it with powerful impact which gives his music a greatly theatrical presence, with 'Rebel Heart' being well at home in any 80s action cop movie.

Expanding his horizons further, in ''86 Love Affair' we're treated to Cobra Copter's journeys into Synth Romance with a dreamy love theme. Allowing the melodies to mix and interweave their elements gives the space for the percussion to become the track's heart beat. The huge crush arrives with a sensually glorious lead melody that promises endless devotion, lost in her eyes your heart skips a beat before fading into a hazy mist of adoration.

With 'Chrome City' Cobra Copter elucidates futuristic vistas of sparkling beauty while gently introducing incredibly beautiful melodies. layered in with sublimely accomplished presence. Tiny details like the guitars and percussive subtleties bring the music into our own personal space, such intimacy and connection with these delicate sounds is uncommon but Cobra Copter performs this in an effortlessly magical way.

The final piece of The Golden Age is 'Showdown' which brings back tension and electric energies with a huge snare rockin the synthscape marvellously well. Thrills are delivered in small, pinpointed doses, with midnight espionage and graceful dexterity moving hand in hand into the final scene's confrontation.

Cobra Copter presents The Golden Age EP on his Bandcamp page here and Synthetix.FM very highly recommends this release. Although this is his debut EP I can't help but be impressed by this producer's understanding of what makes 80s melodies so magical and also his stellar control in fabricating such beautiful synthphonic suites. By the same token, I feel like the best of Cobra Copter is yet to come and hope this producer keeps on refining and exploring his beautiful synthscapes.

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