Saturday, February 22, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

Welcome to this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. There's a hot new show in town, rockin every Sunday on Radio Pure Gently titled Synthwave Sundays hosted be longtime scene devotee Marko Maric. Marko's programming great tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene every week and is also doing a lot of interviews with the most rad producers. Check out the link to Radio Pure Gently on the right hand side bar for local times when it airs and make sure you catch up on the previous episodes. Synthetix.FM is honoured to be a supporter of this initiative and looks forward to a bright neon future with RPG and Synthwave Sundays!

In other news in four days the Kickstarter for Nick Sabia's Valrosa Beach ends and is still requiring a large portion of money required to make it become a reality. This movie is combining a whole mess of quality 80s influences and a lot of exciting techniques for using pixel art effects in the video. Get behind this project and dig deep to make this happen! Click here to check out their very in depth Kickstarter page for lots more info.


Timecop 1983 - Childhood Memories - Hot on the heels of his wonderful debut, Synthetic Romance, is another stunning release from Timecop 1983. Filled with more emotive synth beauty and featuring the great 'Timescapes' collaboration with Femmepop. Rock the limited edition cassette release asap!!

Yannis Rianta - City Whispers - Smooth and sensual synth pop with a penchant for the funkier side of things. City Whispers is full of 80s homage and some exceptional songwriting sure to create the right kind of warmth right where you need it. Highly recommended for fans of Chromeo's late night work.

Goldbaum - Goldbaum - Mixtures of vintage and modern sounds collide with this eight track album covering a myriad of synthscapes. From early 80s European styles through to hard action ChipTune coloured pieces. Lots of great ideas are presented on this album, definitely a producer I'll be watching.


Time to get drifting and dreamy with the great new track from She Said (Judge Dredd) 'Sara'. The synthscape is alive with electrifying passages with a production that is raw and passionate. Haunting and stunning in it's delivery, an enlightening experience. 

Robert Parker is quickly becoming one of my favourite new producers in the scene. His grasp on the subtleties of 80s sounds is incredibly tight and each new track I hear from him is even more inspirational than the last. 'Great Expectations' is currently available for FREE download too.

It's been a while since we've had some honest to goodness Ninja Synth on Synthetix.FM so it brings me great pleasure to share with you the latest tune from Danas Vision entitled 'Kung Fu Master'. This homage to the classic video game is rife with Eastern synth magic and martial arts thrills and spills. Currently available for FREE download.

Nearly a year's time has elapsed between track from Alexino on his soundcloud but it's definitely been worth the wait as his new piece, 'Under The Dome'. Reminiscent of the likes of Tommy in many respects this track keeps emotions deep and melodies rich with languid gait that feels like a slow motion embrace.

Waveshaper's got his action rockin with much power in his new track 'To The Top'. Huge melodies are built upon with tidal force, marching into new horizons with a single minded determination. Inspiring and uplifting this track is sure to take you over the top!

While Betamaxx was digging around in his vast collections of music he uncovered an older track previously unshared. He remedied this situation by uploading 'Heated' this week and making it available for FREE download. Totally rockin 80s vibes and Betamaxx magic out the ying yang on this gem.

Block35 is a new producer to Synthetix.FM of whom I know very little aside from the fact their new track is totally rockin to the max. 'Chasing Trams' evolves it's melody with delicate nuance into soaring dimensions of brilliance. This piece is thoroughly beautiful in it's presentation and tone and I encourage you to get out there and give some love to Block35. You can pick up a copy of this wonderful experience on the Block35 Bandcamp page here at a name-your-own-price point.

Pulse80 and Quasars have joined forces and created a spectacular new work entitled 'Invisible Meridians'. Sumptuous space synth atmospheres are explored with hugely catchy melodies and luscious leads. It's many passages are entrancing and captivating, really giving both producers full license to take to the stars. Currently available for FREE download this track is a must-have experience.

PH Groove keeps on rockin sensational Italo vibes in his killer new track 'Arcade Feel'. As is always the case with PH Groove's music the bassline is funky and the synths are sweltering in an epic tale of dancefloor passions. Infectiously structured for maximum groove penetration this piece is currently available for FREE download.

Taking Italo synthscapes right back to the classic sounds is the great new song from Blue Star Project 'Open Your Heart'. From the orchestral stabs to the classically delivered vocal this right on the mark for sparking of that Italo magic into a blaze of 80s magic. A Radio Edit as well a totally kick arse Extended Version are available at a name your-own-price point.

Kicking the drama into high gear is the killer new jam from Laurence McFunk: 'California Gasoline Commando'. Building like a storm this saga of good versus evil in the wastelands of tomorrow rocks harder than a melonfarmer in it's vast soundtrack odyssey. Available for FREE download currently too.

Any time is the right time for some sexxxy sax action and Super Vox's hot new 'Sax Theme' gives us lots to love. Tropical Italo vibes lead the way for the cool night time, with cool breezes coming in from the coast, buoyed by bouncing melodies and that sweet sax

Manolis continues to blow my mind and expand his horizons with every new track he shares and 'The Bait' continues this trend. Incredibly lush synthscapes and tightly packed details just brimming with glowing 80s love. Polished to a mirror chrome finish this track is k-rad to the max and is also available currently for FREE download to boot!

Pyramid Aeon is defining his own sound more and more as we travel with him on his 80s musical journey. 'Better Days' find his sound taking some very inspiring cues from modern and vintage elements to create something rather special. The piano refrain is one of the real highlights of the experience but the full excursion is massively rewarding. Available for FREE download via Pyramid Aeon's Bandcamp page here.

Another debut producer for this week's Weekend Update is Australia's own Kick Puncher with his brooding Dark Synth track 'Highway Knight'. This rocker certainly knows how to combine the magic of 70s horror soundtrack synth and heart pumping pulsations of 80s denominations.

Another hot collaboration this time with Tommy and Sally Shapiro rockin some intimate and delicate disco coloured synth pop magic. 'Why Did I Say Goodbye' has a fabulous air of 2010 about it's presence that is still intoxicating with the blend of old and new sounds always sounding fresh and vibrant.

Our video feature for this week's Weekend Update comes from Germany's Puls with their amazing new song 'Du Gehst'. These rockers are totally killing the 80s rock synth sound to the max and I'm sure your pulse will be racing in no time with this superb music video. You can download a copy of this kick arse song via their Facebook page here too. Many thanks to Action Jackson for enlightening me to the Puls magic!

That does it for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I hope you've found some great new music to make your weekend rock that 80s love just a little bit more. I'll be back during the week with more exciting music from the 80s inspired synth scene, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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