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Synthetix Second Anniversary Weekend Update

The 3rd of February marks the second birthday for Synthetix.FM. Two years ago I started this venture and it pleases me greatly to witness such a marked growth in the scene I write about. Music, by it's nature, is evolutionary. New influences and inspirations shape the music and these new muses take things into new directions. When I began this journey the concept of Carpenter Brut/Perturbator/Gost's Slash Electro was unheard of. The amount of music coming out now with guitar and saxophone tracks figuring prominently were almost non-existant, in 2014 this no longer the case. Now vocals are finally becoming a staple to many 80s inspired genres as opposed to only being a novelty. And most importantly the numbers of fans and producers is growing every day.

So I'd like to thank every single fan and producer in the scene for making it what it is today. Synthetix.FM is merely a reflection of the people that make all the magic happen and to every producer and devotee of 80s inspired synth sounds I raise a glass and toast you all for making my favourite music into a sustainable movement, and here's to many more years of rockin the raddest tunes.

The third year ahead for Synthetix.FM is going to be an evolutionary one too, I hope, as the audience grows I hope to always remain relevant and in step with all the most rockin happenings in the scene. 

Just as bit of a plug before we get into this week's Weekend Update I was interviewed this past week on Atomic Leg Drop Zine. This was a lot of fun and goes through some of the history of Synthetix.FM and the scene in general. I hope it provides some insight, especially for those new the music. Many thanks to Salvador at Atomic Leg Drop for affording me this opportunity.

Time get down to the business end of things now with the three hundred and forty fourth post on Synthetix.FM; the second anniversary Weekend Update!

Where a better place to start a special Weekend Update than with a kick arse new tune from one of my favourite producers: LA Dreams. 'Ready To Rumble' is a high speed thrill ride into synthtastic excitement. Perfectly written and positively shining in LA Dreams gloss brilliance.

The UK's Arc Neon are back in action with a kick arse new track from their upcoming Technicolor Workout EP due out February 15th. 'The Heat Of The Night' features the vocals of Dana Jean Phoenix and some absolutely sleazed out guitars amid sensually caressing synths and a warm, basking afterglow of sultry sax. This is a very promising new synthscape for Arc Neon and I'm really looking forward to the full EP release later in the month. For now you can get your own copy of 'Heat Of The Night' for FREE via Arc Neon's Bandcamp page here.

I always find Cougar Synth's music deeply emotionally, beyond the chords and arrangements there is always an underlying affection that seems to power each of their musical love letters. 'A Somewhere Place' is classic Cougar Synth with vastly spatial synthscapes contrasted with intimate beauty. This is currently available for FREE download, but I don't see a Download button on the new Soundcloud player, so you may have to view the track on soundcloud to get the Download button rockin.

Obliterating the atmosphere in a nanosecond is the high voltage new track from Perturbator aptly titled 'She Moves Like A Knife'. If the high speed drum track wasn't enough to get your pulse racing the then stabbing synth melodies will be sure to open an artery. The Perturbator ferocity is rockin to the max throughout this piece, but the beauty of the melodies provide that glorious 80s homage. This track is currently available for FREE download.

A rockin new collaboration between Robert Parker and Waveshaper is up next. 'Modern Technology' is a smoothly constructed odyssey into synth dimensions of the raddest rockin. This track is available for purchase off Bandcamp here, and also check out the killer photo shoot done for this project by Joakim Reimer on Facebook here.

Python Blue keeps rockin all the right ways as his musical journeys into 80s pleasures continues. His latest piece entitled 'Clouds' takes this producer into the stratosphere with a lightness to the synthscape not usually present in his work. As always the narrative is beautifully constructed and explored, one of Python Blue's hallmarks of quality. You can pick up your own copy of 'Clouds' via the link in the player, which I highly encourage.

After a great teaser campaign through Facebook, Plaisance has just released his new two track EP and it delivers on every level. This time around Plaisance has added the vocal talents of Claudia Ortolani and Patrick 'Shio-Z' Rizzi to the mix and the two resulting songs are rockin the Italo Synth magic from beginning to end. This project, delightfully titled Elle & Lui, is all about the feminine and the masculine, working in a balance and partnership. The vocals of Claudia Ortolani channel a little bit of Stevie Nicks and a whole a tonne of 80s Italo in a wonderful performance. The music on 'Same Road, Different Ways' definitely shows Plaisance's song writing is evolving rather majestically.

This evolution continues into the second track 'The Three Elements'. Patrick Rizzi's deep and tortured vocals are spectacular while Plaisance's music takes on a more dramatic turn also. The marching drums and passionate melodies are arranged majestically and the chorus is an explosion of synthual desires. Both sides of Elle & Lui are rockin to the max and the EP is available at name-your-own-price point via the link in the player.

One producer who always has the magic touch for making melodies bounce and emotions climb skywards is Rain Sword and his latest track is another beautifully uplifting composition. 'Dance All Night' is rife with catchy hooks and buttery smooth 80s love. Solid gold from beginning to end. This is currently available for FREE download also.

Marshall Bravestar is a new producer on the scene who's direct inspiration is, unsurprisingly, the wondrous world of 80s saturday morning cartoons. The synthscape on 'Speed Of A Puma' certainly has a flair for the dramatic and each layer adds more presence and depth to the narrative. I think this producer is still finding his way but this track is definitely kicking much arse. You can pick up a copy of this piece on his Bandcamp page here at a name-your-own-price point.

Another producer new to Synthetix.FM is Mosaik. Hailing from Sweden and also heavily influenced by Sweden's own Mitch Murder; Mosaik is definitely rockin hard in his new track 'Sky Fighter'. The production is as slick an F-14A Tomcat and cuts through the air with equal grace and dexterity. Mosaik explores the narrative extremely well and keeps the excitement levels at fever pitch through out. Many thanks to Project Friday for enlightening me to the Mosaik magic.

A new piece of beautiful music next from RF Extreme with his new experience 'A Time To Remember'. This is yet another soulful piece of extraordinary Synth Romance from this talented producer. Melodies shine like diamonds and each passage intimates deeper and deeper emotional investment.

Replacing love with vengeance is 'Filthy Streets' the powerhouse new jam from Bixby Snyder. Building like a tsunami and crushing with devastating force each chapter of this Slash Electro diatribe is punctuated by some totally brutal percussion. The extreme swell of the music is likely to cause the bends for those uninitiated to such synthscapes but it's the beauty of the melodies that are intoxicatingly irresistible.

Alpha Boy's new album came out while Synthetix.FM was on holidays and due to time constraints I don't have the opportunity to review properly but as Alpha Boy recently shared the magnificent 'Electric Popping' off Laser Vision I thought it was a prime opportunity to give it some love. This Eletro Breakin gem is full of hot rockin action and befits Alpha Boys 'call and response' natured melodies perfectly. Be sure to check out the full album on Bandcamp here. It's yet another strong release from this scene legend and displays some very interesting new ideas for the composer particularly on the beautifully elegant 'Carnegie Hall' and 'Vision' tracks and the sumptuously sparse early 80s electro synth of 'Collision'.

Rockin the purest of Italo Disco Synth gold is Mario Moretti with his hot new rocker 'Spaziotempo'. Pitch perfect basslines and magical melodies are woven into radical dancefloor anthem. The layering is sublimely implemented as each new element melds likes coloured molten glass to the existing structures. You can purchase this track on the full release by Bordello A Parigi's site here.

Taking things back to the depths of the shadows is Flash Arnold with his brand new epic 'The Outbreak'. This is a pure Dark Synth adventure full twists and turns of terror. with fear and excitement going hand in hand. The production accentuates the passages exceedingly well and the story is explored to it's final gory end delightfully well. You can pick up a copy of this off Flash Arnold's Bandcamp here, at a name-your-own-price point.

Another producer who released a great record while Synthetix.FM was on holiday was Dan Terminus. His debut album,  The Darkest Benthic Division LP was released on Werkstatt Recording in numerous formats and is a totally kick arse experience in the darker arts of Soundtrack Synth. The entire album tells a riveting story and creates a vice like grip that is impossible to escape from. Be sure to pick up a copy here, if you can handle the intensity! For those of weaker constitutions perhaps only one track is all you can bear of Dan Terminus's catastrophic creations? 'Tokamak' is the new one from Dan Terminus and continues down the path of no return with sinister symphonies and morose movements guiding you into a living nightmare.

Our final piece on this anniversary Weekend Update is the brilliant new promo video for the new Nightcrawler album. Welcome To Metropolis: The Last City On Earth is a very impressive visual piece that sets my anticipation levels to fever pitch. Due out February 10, we don't have too long to wait!

Nightcrawler Metropolis (Official Trailer) from Nightcrawler on Vimeo.

That does us for the anniversary Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, thanks for supporting Synthetix.FM over the last two years, let's make the next one even radder. I'll be back during the week with more action from the 80s inspired synth scene. 'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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