Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day From Synthetix.FM!

In keeping with the traditions begun with the Halloween Rhythm Vivisection Mixtape I'm elated to bring you a new annually themed mixtape, this time for Valentine's Day.

I've chosen some of my most favourite Synth Romance pieces from some of the most prolific artists in the scene and created a twenty four track mix entitled Synthual Rendezvous. I'm also very, very pleased to have EXCLUSIVE tracks from both LA Dreams and RF Extreme in this mixtape, created especially for Valentine's Day.

To accompany the mixtape I also have cover art that I created to celebrate this event, click here for your own full resolution copy.

So turn the lights down low, and the volume to the most intimate possible levels and allow the magical powers of Synth Romance create the perfect atmosphere for you and your partner of choice this Valentine's Day.

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