Thursday, February 27, 2014

Compilerbau Travels Beyond Light Speed, Into The Unknown

I've found it very hard not share Compilerbau's recent tracks his been putting on soundcloud. I've been aware the Tachyon album was going to be coming out for a while and really wanted to save the coverage on Synthetix.FM for its full release. It's tormented me so, not being able to cover these killer tracks recently but now that the album has been launched, I can finally give this producer some well deserved love.

For those new to the Compilerbau experience his sounds are a combination of numerous genres but his vision for thematic concepts are a huge part of the focus. His previous album, Talking Machines (reviewed here on Synthetix.FM last year) was a real gem of an album. Compilerbau took a myriad of great ideas and strung them together in a consistent record that really captivated me. Now that we have Compilerbau's second album in-hand it's time to take off to a new journey into the stars.

In the Tachyon experience Compilerbau has turned up all the elements that I loved in Talking Machines to new levels. The storytelling aspect is one of the biggest strengths in Compilerbau's music and through the introductory track and totally rockin 'Leaving Earth' we're delivered a scenario that is full of  details and conveyed in a spectacularly entertaining manner. This is a real synth rock-opera musical experience. Each vocal is like poetic dialogue and each passage of music describes scenes and feelings exceptionally well.

The vocals on Compilerbau's Talking Machines was one of my favourite aspects and it gives me immense joy to hear the voice Michael Reithmeier reprising his role as Compilerbau's mouthpiece. The vocal performance feels more polished and passionate this time around too, which aids massively in the narratives told. The instrumental tracks have also increased in their presence and atmosphere.

The stunningly performed title track 'Tachyon' brings to the fore a desire to explore the cosmic sounds as if traversing the void first hand. The drama and triumphant strains of the main reprise are joyous and feel like you're part of that small crew, hurtling through galaxies at a speed beyond human reckoning, spellbound by the experience.

To really paint the pictures aurally in an effective way Compilerbau enlists some very interesting synthscapes and instruments to give vivid colours to the journey. 'Weird Guy' introduces an off kilter approach that makes us wonder whether the crew has the mental and physical fortitude to make the journey. The eccentricities of the melodies and details add more to intrigue.

This track leads into one of the really killer stand-out pieces of the album: 'Walking Outer Space'. Disco feelings boogie into view as  the experience has genuine fun with it's self and provides a great deal entertainment in the process. This is one of those 'they'd only get away with this in the 80s' moments that really take the rad levels super high and the fun factor into orbit.

Performing a deft 180 degree turn Compilerbau eschews the frivolity of 'Walking Outer Space' in the dramatically haunting 'Continuum' as the awe and gravity of the situation become deeply felt. This piece of dangerous synth work is the catalyst for feelings exploding into intimate realms of pleasure in the Moroder-esque 'Pleasure In Space Suits'. Sensually crafted space synth erotica writhes in zero gravity with gasps of ecstasy echoing through the cold emptiness of space.

This arousing track then leads to the the fast paced 'Tachyon (Reprise)'. A sense of danger and  anticipation begins to rise as conditions to the mission change and unforeseen circumstances now threaten the safety of those onboard. Action heats up with synths kicking into high gear as the tension builds and builds to the point of melodic climax towards the end of the piece in stunning conclusion.

The aftermath of this exuberance is displayed in the stalking passages of 'Gamma Breakdown'. A fearful prelude then makes way to bouncing reprises until more dangers appear. Compilerbau's use of 70s progressive pieces with more traditionally 80s structures proves once again to be an enrapturing combination as the story twists and turns before our very eyes, ending rather exquisitely indeed.

The drama then turns to tragedy with 'Death In Space' turning the mission into a panic as the hull ruptures and human life is scattered into the cosmos with abandon. Guitars rock the scene and synths stab alarms of hysteria until control is wrangled from the clutches of deep space death. The motif of loss continues into the cold reality of 'Last Dawn'. Echoing percussion, and anger filled chords are struck with pounding fists; faced with a demoralising oblivion, cursing the stars themselves provides the only solace.

'No Exit' continues the panic stricken final chapters as Compilerbau uses some very clever speed controls to amp up the thrills. Seemingly insurmountable situations where lives are constantly in peril lead to clear-headed resolve for the sake of self preservation. Just as the success of surviving washes over the one man who made it this far the realisation that he is now stranded in space, living out the remaining final days 'Far Away' from earth.

As the space vessel's systems begin to fail one at a time and memories of earth so to begin to fade and become lost to the inky void of the cosmos. This song proves to be a wonderful finale to the experience, intimately conveying those final moments with a beautiful piano solo conclusion.

The 'Tachyon (Epilogue)' then completes the final log entry and the folly of the mission echoes and resonates, leaving behind the final human survivor, now a monument entombed forever in the emptiness. As an extra bonus the Extended Edition of Tachyon comes with a range of bonus features, including a remix of 'Leaving Earth' by DJ Ten and numerous versions and edits of other tracks on the album, offering some great perspective to the experience.

Compilerbau presents Tachyon on his Bandcamp page here, and once again he has created an album that is thoroughly enthralling and engaging as a concept album. The story is richly detailled by both the vocally driven songs and the instrumental ones, with the listener genuinely being included as a part of the narrative. This album is very, very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM and I applaude Compilerbau for his incredible creative vision and realisation of the Tachyon experience.


  1. That song is really beautiful, thank you very much for expanding my horizons :)