Thursday, January 23, 2014

Timecop1983's Love Story

When it comes to the styles and genres of 80s inspired synth music I must say that the pure, emotional warmth of Synth Romance is my favourite. The style is easily one of the most moving of all the 80s denominations and it has been exemplified wonderfully on the latest release from Timecop1983, aptly titled Synthetic Romance.

The Timecop1983 experience has always displayed the subtle sensitivities of Synth Romance in most of his previous works, which I always find surprising as one would expect a much more agressive and frenetic synthscape with a name like Timecop1983. It goes to show how wrong I was and that judging books (or producers in this case) by their cover is always a mistake. In Timecop1983's latest EP we're privy to a compilation of his recent tracks that have been packaged with an alluring air and wistful sentiment in five chapters of shimmeringly verdant Synth Romance.

I think this is the very first time I've covered a release on Synthetix.FM purely of this style. Many releases have contained single or multiple tracks, but even masters of the genre like LA Dreams always include some other styles in their albums and EPs. The choice to make this an entirely Synth Romance release is a bold one and has made for a concept that is beautifully endearing and lulls one into a world of synth driven passions.

Opening with 'Indigo Tears' the synthscape is irrefutably glowing with pink nimbus, moving in a slow motion embrace of serene melodic intimacy. Timecop1983 feels the magic and we can feel it via him as layers of enriching tones well up and soar to the heavens. The sparseness of the piece is integral as each element creates it's own spatial destiny, pinpoints of light dance about playfully and the gauzy soft focus illustrates the soulful devotion.

The tracks on Synthetic Romance flow into each other perfectly and maintain the mood and sentiment perfectly. Track two gently introduces a vocal track to the ambience which complements the synthscape beautifully. The continuation of the idea from track one is allowed to evolve into a stronger bond as 'Secret Love' gives voice and impetus to the heartfelt desires. The music is almost transparent in it's presence, so pastel and light while still being greatly powerful in it's evocations.

The passages merge into the new forms in 'Echoes' which brings in some very seductive guitar tracks to the mix. They never jar or disrupt but instead allow their resonant details to tell new stories. The temperature begins to rise dramatically in the refrains towards the end and feelings become combustible and the electric spark becomes a raging storm of fevered sensuality.

'Lonely Nights' juxtaposes the previous track with it's intimacy now turned to unrequited longing, taking a melody that feels as if it's at breaking point and pushing it into the forlorn abandonment of darkly shadowed nights alone. The memories persist, refusing to abate and it's now a question of hoping the dawn will bring back some warmth to the empty vessels we've become. The tick of the clock strikes deeply but the past cuts deeper.

Our final chapter of this torrid love affair begins the healing process, finally, with 'Fading Memories'. The melodies which once caused so much pain are now able to be appreciated; the emotional scar tissue is strong enough to allow for fonder memories to be held in earnest. The touch of her hand that was once the most elevating experience possible became the touch of cold, cold emptiness but has now become a warm memory and a place to revisit with a positive light. The good times can be remembered and felt again, but one feels at a distance now, as a third person spectator. Was it real or just the passion of the moment? Feeling something is always real, and just feeling something is sometimes more than enough.

The intimacy of the narrative that Synthetic Romance tells is heartfelt and honest, and manages to convey a vast emotional spectrum in a succinct and five chapter love story. The greater emotional investment you give to this release, the greater the reward received. Allow the visions of beauty to wash over you and envelope you in their tight embrace.

Timecop1983 presents Synthetic Romance on his Bandcamp page here and it comes very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM. As genre music within genre music this EP takes things to a level of intimacy that is wonderfully orchestrated, as Timecop1983 hones his craft further I can't wait to be taken to new dimensions of impassioned synth wonder.

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